Some schocking, incompatible and infuriating headlines

In Greece children have to go to school with shoes with holes in them and they are fainting because they are starving but the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde is telling the Greek to pay their taxes in a hideous display of callousness.

While all over the Globe millions of people are facing financial ruin and are losing their jobs and their homes we are celebrating the 60 year reign of a woman of German descent over the Anglo Saxon world and who is picking up the tab? Hint; It’s not the German family on the English throne!

And their calling it a jubilee which usually means nullifying the debt load of a Nation while the entire world is drowning in debt to her Financial bankster gangsters!

Last but not least this weekend the Bilderbergers (With possibly John Key visiting) meet in Virginia Chantilly to decide on their endgame. Romney, Obama, Vice presidency and war with Iran are all on the table. Panetta who thinks that the UN trumps over the US Congress with regards to war with Iran has just announced they are ready to attack while the US just signed over their Army to Israel.

Just a few headlines that piss me off!




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