No money for aged care workers?

I don’t know about you but if we have $ 120 million to pay foreign advisers on how we can sell off our assets, $ 112 billion to gamble in derivatives, and God knows how much to give to rich pricks in tax cuts than why the fucking hell don’t we have money to pay people who have to take care of our elderly a decent payrise???

Am I alone here or are you getting mighty pissed off about how ass hole Johnnie “Derivatives” Key  is mismanaging this country?

And yes, I really am furious at this moment so excuse the language!

9 thoughts on “No money for aged care workers?

  1. Key & govt cronies have already cut funding to aged care… last year… For those of us who would die if we had no-one to give us the very basics … It still costs maybe $500 per week to keep many of us in our homes with minimal care hours as opposed to the $1200 to $1500 per week to keep us with very similar standard of care but in a resthome environment… Would key make his mum stay at home to save money when its is actually a risk to her well being??? These (mp, and govt boffins) need these issues brought home to their own back yards….

  2. I think this is too important to be expressed in this way. Rich people are not necessarily bad, just like poor people aren’t necessarily good. It’s meaningless to make statements like that. It’s the system that is wrong. Stay focused on the issues. Btw, I haven’t heard anybody comment on the $250m in the budget for investment in the railways. Those railways that were once sold off to private investors, who quickly milked them for what they could, stripped off saleable parts, and then returned the broken remnants to the Government that bought them back for more than they had previously been sold for. The process made some NZ investment bankers very rich (and made them take the money and leave the country) and some investors well off (mostly overseas). But it made the taxpayers having to buy back what had been sold minus the profitable parts, at a premium. And now they will have to make further injections of money. Surely, this is exactly what will happen to Mighty River and the other state assets due to be floated. Once sold, the new owners will not want to make any long term investment in them, but just ensure high short term returns. But they are providers of services essential for the nation. So, guess who will have to step in once new funds are needed? Right, the tax payer. Also, it would be interesting to know the details of the bidding for the contracts to manage the sales. Are there any personal connections between the people involved? Would be interesting to know.

    Read How too get banned real quick and never ever tell me how and what I can or should write on my own blog ever again. By the time you work on your own blog 6 to 8 hours every day for no money you may be able to make suggestions very politely. If you want to know what kind of connections there are go do what I do; read your ass off, research and spend most of your waking hours finding out. Perhaps you will understand why I loose my cool once in a while.

    • @
      Please, remember freedom of speech.
      This person is not telling you what to do, they are merely stating their opinion (hence the ‘I think’).
      I think you are being very rude.

      Read my about and self martyrdom and banning (always a good idea if you visit a new blog) and do not piss off the moderator on your first visit and consider yourself warned. This is not about freedom of speech but breaking the very few rules I set such as do not engage in discussions with the moderator i.e. me and like the previous commentator if you don’t like them feel free to stop reading this blog

  3. WE have given power to people ….. always ….. who are rich, don’t understand what it means to be poor, old or sick …. don’t care for the environment. We are used to be slaves … therefore few people rebel against the powers who hold us in slavery.

    And it is more convenient to stay in this position instead of demanding the CHANGE for all of us.

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