The end of the Dollar, America’s cities turn off the lights and Europe is losing the Euro.

“Japan and China are expected to start direct trading of their currencies as early as June as part of efforts to boost bilateral trade and investment, according to reports. With the planned step, exchange rates between the yen and the yuan will be determined by their transactions, departing from the current “cross rate” system that involves the dollar in setting yen-yuan rates, Kyodo News said on Saturday.”

Reality is a funny thing. Even as Empires try to enforce their version of reality, reality does as reality must and as Empires come so they must go and the end is always ugly for the emperor and his minions as the implosion sets in.

Today the news spread that China and Japan both struggling to maintain their own economies have come to a bilateral agreement to start trading in their own currencies, bypassing the Dollar as the reserve currency in a move which will bring down whatever is left from the US economy causing untold misery for millions upon millions of Americans who already are in a world of hurt while they are being herded towards city centres as their services are being terminated in what can only be called the implementation of Agenda 21 .

And Europe after a week which saw billions of dollars disappear out of already beleaguered banking institutions is preparing for Greece to leave the Euro unleashing the end of the 11 year old currency as Spain announced that it too was running out of money to pay back its debt and announced a previously undeclared debt of 28 Billion. Loyds already announced it is preparing for the collapse of the Euro and governments are preparing for massive popular uprisings and uprooted people trying to find jobs and food to support their loved ones.

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