On Birth control, forced vaccinations and being on the dole or let’s kill the poor!

This country is haemorrhaging people. 53.000 have already left and another 6000 visited an Ozzie job fair with the idea of finding a job and opportunities across the Tasman and yet the Government does everything to make life even more hellish for those staying.

If you’ve lost your job in the recent downturn with no opportunity you will be forced to inject your children with vaccines in order not to starve to death if it is up to this Eugenicist government and don’t even think about having children!

But no worries if you’re mates with the Rich Pricks currently in the process of selling of NZ to their rich prick mates you will be getting the job of building 280.000 little cubicles in Auckland ready for the poor to be herded (“Crucially the new housing would be herded into “high-density centres”, close to public transport. “) into as they implement Agenda 21 because why else would they plan to build these hundreds of thousands of small huddled together homes if their predictions are that we are going to be back in glorious black in 2014.

And while they are at it they are secretly dismantling even more of the already hollowed out  labour laws courtesy of the new business/labour super ministry they are preparing for the New World Order take over with the secret negotiation about the “free” trade agreement.

It’s going exactly as planned. Depopulation, looting the resources and the transfer of wealth to the 1%.


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