Did John Key visit Bilderberg in 2011-2012?

This morning one of the blogs commentators left me a link to the Wikipedia page of Bilderberg pointing out that New Zealand’s Prime minister John Key had visited the last Bilderberg meeting.

Wikipedia is an open source site which mean anyone can add information and no source was given which is lways suspect in my view.

If anybody has any information and links to where it can be checked I will be happy to research this issue.

What we do know is that Mike Moore the current Ambassador to the US is a member of the trilateral commission a dedicated globalist and while I have not been able to find the photo back yet I have seen a photo of Mike Moore leaving a Bilderberg meeting in Switzerland in 2000. Funnily enough his name had disappeared from the Wikipedia list.

Huge Fletcher who is on the board of the reserve bank of New Zealand is also a member of the trilateral commission.

Both men are very much the puppeteers for much of the policies John Key tries to implement for his global masters and as such we don’t necessarily need to connect him to the Bilderberg group although proof of him visiting a meeting would help in identifying where his loyalties really lie.

20 thoughts on “Did John Key visit Bilderberg in 2011-2012?

  1. In my opinion democracy in our land has failed, with nearly a million people choosing not to vote. With 1.13 million votes for National party led by Mr key, the number that decided our leadership, is just a few thousand more than that of the non voters. When a leader of a political party in New Zealand steps forward who proves he works for the people and not the corporations of other lands, we will need those votes to change this country. The vote is the only power we are dedicated and cannot be taken away from us, we must use the vote in the way it was intended, by using majority support to make decisions that best suits our people and that doesn’t harm anyone. Instead we have a leader supported by less than a quarter of our population, who has been proven to be a liar (surrounding the GCSB conspiracy and the Kim Dotcom dramas) and is now being proven to be a whipping boy for the biggest tyrannic takeover since Hitlers Germany, it will be as successful, as, well, Hitlers Germany, they will make a huge impact in a short amount of time, to try take as much power as possible. We the people have the right to decide our own fate, I think its time we say no to global tyranny and say yes to whats best for us, not the money we use.

  2. The sad truth is that we(as NZ voters) have the power to make change. Elections are about the only thing left that are still in our favour, yet our people continue to get fed rubbish excuses and lies from our ‘leaders’. Im no economist, but as an example, selling off our strongest assets to offshore investors just rings alarm bells. It gives foreign interests power over our key infrastructure, which in turns gives them power to make key decisions in our future. John Key may, or may not, know this – but he has an agenda, and i do not think its a genuine responsibility for the well being of our Nation.

  3. Its all over rover! Kiwis dance to the pipers (John Key) tune and blindly believe the lies they are told cause he’s a good lookin man! Indeed we have been lied to for generations… there were a couple of hiccups with the likes of Norman Kirk and David Lange but now we’ve been pulled into line by our corporate masters aka bilderbergs and newmont mining etc etc.. We could solve our financial crisis by taking independent and bold steps… but no! We have lost our courage and statehood… John Key and the political parties of New Zealand have betrayed us by selling us out as resources for money grubbing corporate interests.. and you know they only survive by maximising profits at all costs! So fuck the Bilderbergs, fuck John Key and fuck the system before they fuck us!

    • Yes and lets follow the money trail to the top and find out who really is OZ. Check out DTCC. Never heard of it? I only heard of it a few days ago.

      Banker and Prime Minister Keys is just an elitist puppet selling off and indebting New Zealander leaving us all, and our children, as debt slaves.

      Let us hold the elitists accountable. That is the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Morgan, Koch, the Monarchy, etc etc.

      And lets put John Keys and his banking scum in prison! He will, they all will, be held accountable at some point.

        • I had a look NL,

          I don’t think it’s JK, but with him visiting Europe, Brussels and the head of NATO next week he’s close enough. Too close for my liking!

        • the guy in the car has side burns if you google images for john key he has never supported the look… shame though i believe he attended in indonesia which i believe was a builderburg meeting

  4. Looks like Key arriving at Bilderberg on “we are change” channel of Ustream. Look at their recording made at 5/31/12 at 8:28 PM EDT. Go to about 7min 10 sec. Kinda looks like him. Snapped!

  5. donkey will be there this year i reckon, he’s been kissing too much American ass not to be.

  6. NZ is more in portent to the elite groups then you may think. We are a test country for new laws as we are easy to monitor with ow small population. Face book who’s main sponcer is the FBI concentrates all its monitoring time to NZ, they even sed so on the news a several mouths ago. you just have to look at the new personal information shearing laws, and the food bill that have been past threw government recently to see it and with John key singing free trade deals with the U S we most be of some use.

    I would love to see picture of John Key entering or exiting a builderberg meeting with a time and date jut to prove what i believe about him

    and it quite likely he did attend considering he worked for the federal reserve bank before he came into power he is also Jewish

  7. It would come as no suprise to me if he has connections with the Bilderburg Group,..be he is such a small fish I doubt he would be invited to a meeting,…but then with the untapped resources of NZ and the murmuring’s that water will become the next oil,…maybe there is another plan that they could use him for?

    • He may be just a foot soldier but he is in a pretty important part of the world. Resources and Strategic position with regards to Antarctica and China (Pacific rim)

  8. The dutch queen is one of the Bilderbergers.. the dutch national anthem tells nothing about dutchies and their loyalities to dutch.. it is all about german and spanish blood…so waht about the NZ anthem.. where do our loyalities lie…all back to first world king and queendoms.. all interbred…Bilderberger family….

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