On Agenda 21, Microchipping Soldiers and Depopulation Techniques.

According to the Club of Rome, a population reduction is necessary to become sustainable. They reckon about 0.5 billion would be a nice figure for this planet. That may be so. Clearly some regions of the world have populations putting an inordinate amount of pressure on the globes resources. But think about what reducing the human population to about 0.5 means and how will this be achieved?

In 1992 the UN organised a two week conference and came up with a paper laying out exactly how to go about making us live sustainably. It was called Agenda 21. It was the Great Green Dream and many towns across the globe proudly call themselves Agenda 21 towns we even have one in New Zealand.

It proclaimed we had to make significant changes in our lives unlike ever before and the middle class consumption was unsustainable. It claimed a complete radical change of millennia old ways of life had to make place for completely new ones. Populations would have to move from rural to urban settings. Lower energy consumption because we lived closer together and so on and so on.

Another important premise was that Nations of peoples where an obsolete idea and all of us should move into the brighter border less world of the New World order.

So how to go about making people do what let’s face it is not everybody’s cup of tea?

When you train an animal to do something which doesn’t come natural you have to restrict its ability to do what is natural to it and make whatever it is what you want it to do more or less the only option. You want to do this with the least possible upset because an upset animal will either turn dangerous or run away. Ideally you want it to accept you as its leader so it actively tries to find out what it is you want it to do. If it does what you want it to do you reward it and over time you have it bond to you and accept its unnatural behaviour as the new normal.

To train human beings to do something that isn’t natural is not that much different. Make what he/she wants to do impossible and what you want them to do the only option and bob’s your uncle. It worked in NAZI Germany, Stalinist Russia and Communist China.
Make laws that make free movement impossible and allow people to make only the choices you want them to make and people will do exactly that.

Tell people you they all need to do their share and if you don’t you will be isolated and punished and that share is to pay taxes they will.

Tell people they have to serve in the military and give them an enemy to fear and they will.

It gets more difficult if you want to move populations to controllable urban centres and move them off their farms but even that is not too hard.

Move away schools (not economic), compete away small local mum and pop shops, destroy family farms with taxes and fees for every change they want or need to make (such as charging a neighbour of mine a $ 100.000 for dividing the home he sold from his farm land) and have a school in the next bigger town and a supermarket even further away and you manipulate populations to move.

In the last 20 years (Funny how Agenda 21 was produced in 1992 ) people have moved to the city in record numbers (80% of the US population now lives in cities) farm life has been painted as hard and the move to the city as an improvement (Large urban sprawl, cheap gas etc).

Next with gas prices driven up by speculation (Yes we are running out but not at the level that justifies the oil prices) you herd people in smaller condos on top of each other with the promise of more sustainability and rescuing the planet.

But sometimes the best laid plans turn to shit and that is what is happening to Agenda 21. People are beginning to recognise it for what it is. They see that there is a different set of rules for 99% of humanity than there is for the richest 1 %. While middle class consumption was deemed unsustainable the consumption of hte 1% is exploding. No return to sustainable levels there.

While the aim was to get rid of poverty more people are poor than ever. They see that the right of taking some ones private property away to “return it to nature” is in fact a way of destroying communities and land taken away invariable ends up in the hands of developers who make a mint out of it.

The urban little dream condos turn shabby and are overpopulated with dispossessed and the poor. City’s across the states are turning into hell holes because no money is spend to keep them operating. Detroit, Chicago, and hundreds of other cities are collapsing and people are fleeing because of the violence and crime.

And people recognise that while billions and billions are spend on wars they don’t want their own countries are getting buried under crippling debt while they pay more and more taxes and get pushed harder and harder into positions with less and less choices.

And all of a sudden the rich come out confessing to having manipulated the global population for at least forty years to give up their borders and it turns out that they are running the world and not us the peoples of the planet.

“For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. (David Rockefeller in his memoirs)

And most of all people are beginning to wake up to the fact  that there is something terribly wrong with the “financial system” they all relied on to trade and try to earn a crust. It seems more and more they are burdened with higher prices and poorer products and more and more of the real wealth such as land, oil, grain, mineable resources and their profits end up with the same 1% instead of for the good of all.

And this is were the story turns really ugly. What if people can not be herded without to much upset any more?
What if they are beginning to get restless and want to return to what comes natural? Like living on the land without being harassed and manipulated. What if they arm themselves to resist?

Let’s go back to the animal. If an animal resists you can hurt it. If it goes back to submission your sweet. If it continues to resist and God forbid turns on you you kill it. You will tell yourself it was for its own good and it had gone false or mean but the thing is you made it that way.

It is not so different with humans. Governments are the worst population killers in history. In fact it is called Democide and includes murder of individual citizens and genocide.

It goes like this. First you drive up prices by inflation, this destroys social cohesion enables you to confiscate property and herd people of their lands. Once populations are on the move becoming a danger for other still in tact communities you can herd them into camps (refugee or prison camps depending on what you have available) and you can take out the most obstinate of them.

If your population goes back to submission you’re in luck but…  if they don’t you start killing them. Gassing, gunning, poisoning, send them to war as soldiers are all good ways to get rid of your populations.

Over the last 15 years you may have noticed cameras everywhere. (In my little 3000 people town I have counted as many as 9 cameras in the main street alone. You have been told this is for your protection and true enough some crimes have been solved with video material of these cameras. But lately these cameras have also been proven very effective in finding and arresting rioters looting the streets of London and while I don’t condone looting let’s remember that these kids reacted on another of many murders of young black males in the UK and their petty thefts are no comparison to the vast wealth the 1% has been siphoning off of us the 99%.

Added to that face recognition has been installed in many camera systems and if you travel to and from New Zealand you have to allow “officials” to take photo’s of your face which will allow them to identify you at will.

The latest and most scary of developments (Remember loss of choice is their preferred modus operandi) is the announcement that they want to implant soldiers with nano micro chips. This of course is for their own safety and has nothing to do with control.

Thing is you might think that this is all the product of a feverish mind but when you look around you even heere in rural lightly populated New Zealand do you have the feeling you have less choices about what you do and don’t on your own land? Do you have the feeling that you have to pay more and more for the barest necessities? Do you have the feeling the city council takes more and more control over your live away from you while costing more and more and are you contemplating moving to the city because it just gets to hard to keep on farming?

Do you have to travel miles to get your kid to a school while just a couple of years ago there was one at the cross road?

Do you hesitate to travel overseas because of all the checking and controls you have to get to and every time it seems worse?

Do you feel rebellious once in a while while you can’t remember ever having bee really upset while going about your regular business?

Do you get angry when the rates (paying rent to the government? For your own property?) go up again?

You might be one of those who are slowly waking up to Agenda 21. So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to take action while you still can or are you going to wait until they inject a microchip in your arm?


7 thoughts on “On Agenda 21, Microchipping Soldiers and Depopulation Techniques.

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  2. Finally someone talking some sense on the issue and making it easy for non woken people understand. Indeed the pressure on farmers in NZ is tough, rating farmers off productive land forcing them to subdivide their farms into abhorrent lifestyle blocks for the McMansion society is wrong. Stop the urban sprawl.

    • From now on you can post straight away. Thanks for that comment and spread it around amongst NZ farmers is you want to.

  3. Totally agree with you.

    I do find it quite hard trying to explain all of this sort of stuff to someone who hasnt ‘woken up’ yet but I there are way more people who have ‘woken up’ about the state of our world and the direction it is going.

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