Dotcom, Banks and Amnesia or how fortunes are lost if we’re lucky!

John Key wants to sell New Zealand. He wants his mates to make huge fortunes over the backs of hard working honest Kiwi’s whose only sin is that they are not savvy enough to see through his slippery façade.

When the façade drops such as when he made the throat slashing gesture and recently when he showed a his total callous disregard for protesting citizens when the Hikoi arrived in Wellington gasps can be heard around the country but even then most Kiwis return to their favourite game shows and barbecues in the utter trust that their government is self correcting and overall more honest than not.

But… but maybe with the Banks Dotcom scandal which is handled by John Key’s  PR team with the same arrogance and hubris shown by John “derivatives” Key himself we may strike lucky. Now is the time those of us who are awake to push on.

This video is an excellent compilation of John Key’s hideous remarks as to why he can trust John Banks so please spread it around especially under your John key loving friends.

And let’s hope that if John Banks falls the asset sales are stalled and the great fortunes that would have been made by John Key’s international banking mates are lost to them but stay safely were they belong; in New Zealand.


One thought on “Dotcom, Banks and Amnesia or how fortunes are lost if we’re lucky!

  1. ‎”Amnesia” is to fucking polite ,”Bold face liars protecting each others arse ” would be a fitting title .

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