On Osama, Obama and Diaries: If you still believe this BS you have not been paying attention



Exactly 1 year after the Navy Seal team “allegedly” killed Osama bin Laden who  was hiding behind his wife fighting valiantly while the White house was watching via the Seal cameras they did not record the raid and chucked his body in the sea because that was Muslim custom to stop his grave from becoming a shrine and the photo’s of his dead body, apart from the one photoshopped one the MSM used all over the planet to proof Osama had really been killed, can’t be made public because the judge refuses to demand the White house releases them, Obama secretly travelled to Afghanistan to announce victory over al Qaeda.

We still have to be in Afghanistan for another 12 years two years of course even though 98% of the population has never heard about the events of 911 but we have destroyed al Qaeda which inexplicably turned up in Libya just before they wanted to “liberate” Libya from Gaddafi so that is a good thing because now we have to “liberate” Syria from Assad who for reasons only know to mad Muslim dictators has begun to kill off his valiantly uprising population who magically have received tons of weapons out of nowhere before we attack Iran which we have to do soon because their mad Muslim dictator can not be re-elected next election which as we all know is a hallmark of mad Muslim dictatorships and why let a perfectly good example of vilification go to waste.

Confused??? Well that is in short what we have been fed over the last 11 years after the 9/11 attacks so if you still believe this crap you have not been paying attention!

But don’t worry you can read Osama’s diaries online and for those who don’t want to waste their time here is the short version which was disseminated throughout our MSM for public consumption .




8 thoughts on “On Osama, Obama and Diaries: If you still believe this BS you have not been paying attention

  1. first there was video ,then there wasn’t video , first Obama and Hilary were watching the “take down ” ,then they weren’t watching the “take down” ,then they had to shot his wife ,then they didn’t shot his wife , then he used her as a human shield then he didn’t use her as a human shield !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a bunch of fucking morons ! WE ARE NOT ALL AMERICAN’S some of us can THINK …sometimes …..

  2. Well said Ev – the OBL bovine excrement is truly sickening! I think they are now seriously losing the plot on this one 🙂

    Off topic but just got back from the Wellington Hikoi against asset sales, loads of support, maybe over 1000 people ?

    • The bovine excrement meter certainly went ballistic on this “story” .
      OBL doing a re-branding …mmm …more like the puppet-in-chief Obama is posturing for the up coming elections .Remember the body ,the video and the fricken Seal Team are all gone .So (sarcasm on) ,we would like to show you the proof of Osama Bin Ladens death but it is a matter of National Security ,so just trust us on this …yea ,right !
      Obama is small change and America is a failing Empire.

    • Went to the Wellington Hikoi at Parliament and met Bronwyn holding the AotearoaAWiderPerspctive banners! Had a chat with Mike Smith also. Great to see the support!!

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