Heinrich Himmler is talking with John Key and signing declarations of intend about international cooperation

Heinrich Himmler was the secretary of homeland security in Nazi Germany during the last and most brutal years of the Nazi third Reich. Under his supervision millions of people were disappeared, tortured and murdered and he was responsible for a large part of the Holocaust. He died of a poison suicide at the end of the war and escaped execution by doing so.

Now, most people in New Zealand would be shocked to find a headline in the MSM announcing the arrival on these shores of such a mass murdering criminal but today the head of the homeland security of another war criminal lead out of control empire did just that.

United States Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (Nicknamed “big sis” in the US) arrived in New Zealand for the first time and is meeting with John Key and has signed statements of intend to cooperate on a whole range of issues such as improving border security and stopping transnational crime.

Now take note! Janet Napolitano is not the secretary of justice or the secretary of foreign affairs but the secretary of “homeland” security, a department not in existence until just after the events of 9/11. A department set up to provide security inside the US of A against “terrorists” and responsible for the ever increasing degradation of the legal framework protecting private citizens against totalitarian measures and random injustice from their government.

Her department has just bought 450 million hollow points to be delivered over the next five years and not only that it has invested in bullet proof roadside checkpoint booths, Huge armoured vehicles and the genital groping TSA is under her command. In short she is very much overseeing the militarisation and facistication (new word, get used to it) of America’s daily life so why is she here?

One of the things they are discussing is the Smartgate system allowing “trusted” US travellers to partake in the experiment which would allow New Zealanders and Australians to travel provided they are considered safe. The system is based on facial recognition and is highly controversial.

According to Mr. Williams the statement of intend a platform for an invigorated work programme that would support the goals of secure, facilitated trade and travel.

“It enables us to work closely together to expand our targeting work, to achieve more effective interventions with high risk persons and to facilitate legitimate travel.”

In the years to come as the US presidential right to kill US citizens at will and the FEMA camps are filling up with those “high risk persona” remember this post. Maybe you laugh now but you will look back one day and agree with me Mrs Napolitano is the Heinrich Himmler of the US empire. Mark my words.

12 thoughts on “Heinrich Himmler is talking with John Key and signing declarations of intend about international cooperation

  1. I laugh at the people who think this is a joke. If you had of said to any German before WW2 that the death camps were going to happen nobody would have beleived you, they would have called you crazy just like the people do now, its all just history repeting itself.

  2. BTW travellerev – after having now read some of your other Blogs, I now see a bit more of who you are. It would appear that is: a radical. left wing, ex European (maybe on the wrong end of the victors of WWII), who is a genuine American HATER and looney conspiracy theorist. You are now spending large swathes of your life writing to people and trying to convince them of some crazy conspiracy theory behind the 911 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre etc. You lost credibility by dealing with my initial comment in the closed minded, lowest common denominator manner you did. The small bit of credibility you retained has now been exhausted on your conspiracy theory shared by all those living in the Cuckoos Nest! Sorry you lost the war but New Zealand is part of the west and a friend and/or Ally of the United States of America and that although we thinking Kiwis disagree with many of their policies – especially their foreign policies – we’d much rather be on their side than that of Iran, North Korea, China, Russia etc.

    • ROFL, God your stupid. Thanks for that great laugh, I needed that!

      I’m from Dutch descent which very much received the help of the many poor American mugs dragged into the war financed by their own masters.

      I grew up on the aftermath of the Second World War which decimated my country with two traumatised parents who survived the hunger winter (the Germans withheld the food transports to punish the Dutch for their under ground resistance) and with the many victims, Jews and otherwise, who had managed to return alive from the concentration camps.

      In fact my step grandmother was a Jew from the Frank family (remember Anne Frank) who survived living in someone’s attic with her two children and who’s husband died in a concentration camp.

      My grandfather was a resistance fighter who never the less was humane enough to save a 16 year old German child soldier who was about to drown when his car drove in a canal.

      It seems to me you could do with some education on 9/11, Iran (My mother travelled alone on public transport through Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan and has had the most amazing time with the most hospitable of people and I have lived my whole adult live with Muslims from all over the planet and your murderous prejudice makes me sick to the stomach) , Ahmadinajad (here is a link to a speech from him you didn’t hear about in the news other than that John Key walked out on it) and Israel’s lies.

      And no, I don’t hate Americans. In fact some of my best friends are Americans and here is a link to Alex Jones, a self confessed American red neck whom I admire greatly and who is very, very worried for his country and it’s people.

      Enjoy educating yourself! (I won’t hold my breath. Ignoramuses like you don’t usually see the light)

  3. There’s a word, or two, or three – that describe this sort of complete junk but I’d probably get banned if I used them. the bottom line is that whoever wrote this complete waste of space is more radical and extremist than Janet Napolitano will ever be. Almost certainly written by a far left Maori who hates anyone with a conservative, white or western view of the world and/or politics. I just wish they would remember they’d be speaking Japanese or German if it wasn’t for the Americans! Wake up lefties! ……and for the boof head that said NZ would spend ages fixing John Key’s mess – John Key is still fixing the huge stuff ups and disintegration of our social fabric resulting from 9 years of the infamous Helen (or is it Harold) Clark!! For the future, if yiou’re really planning on getting people to read a Blog – it needs to be well written and make sense; not be extreme left wing dribble!!

    • You will be surprised I am a middle aged, middle class, white woman who grew up in the aftermath of the second world war in Europe and who has learned never ever to trust governments and who as a member of Mensa learned she has a considerable amount of intelligence to apply in analysing the MSM drivel and who does indeed not take kindly to dickheads like you but by all means make a fool of yourself in front of about 15.000 NZ readers.

      • You lose the respect of most Bloggers when you in one sentence try to egotistically claim the intellectual high ground by claiming (almost certainly falsely) you’re a member of Mensa & in the next sentence, have such a poor grasp of English that the most intelligent criticism you can make of me is that I’m dick head just because you don’t like someone disagreeing with your radical views. Blogging is about opinions, debate, argument – not trying to attract an audience that must agree with you or not Blog. Maybe that is what you want – 15,000 supporters and “yes” men/women?

    • First and last comment seeing as you have given a false email address but your stupidity deserves to be shown to the world.

  4. I posted this on FB today,….why the hell is the NZ government legitimizing this department that has done nothing but dimantle and make void the rights of US citizens,……Jhon Key is selling us down the river. The damage he is going to do to this country will take years to repair if not decades!

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