The Rothschild family merges it French and English Branch?

The Rothschild dynasty is to merge its British and French banking operations to secure long-term control of the business and to boost the firm’s financial strength ahead of the introduction of tougher capital requirements for banks. The 200-year-old banks will be reunited under a single shareholding that will bring together the fortunes of the French […]

On Iceland, Mortgages and Democracy or why Iceland may well be the only real Democracy left

Iceland, the only country which had the courage to stick their finger up to the international banksters and which has arrested it’s prime minister for being in cahoots with those same international banksters, may very well be the only Democracy in the world still functioning as it should. With a population of approximately 319,575 (estimate […]

Ireland, Banksters and Merrill Lynch or why John Key has no place in Kiwi politics.

In Ireland the people are paying for their banks gambles. John Key once said he thought that Ireland was a great example of where he would like to take New Zealand and he should know. He was deeply involved in the derivatives trade and in the process of moving large sums to Ireland  on behalf […]

Alam Halfa, the battle of el Alamein and the Central North Island Military training exercises or are Kiwi’s training for war with Iran?

Apparently New Zealand troops were involved in the battle of el Alamein which turned out to be a critical battle in WWII. They took part in a place called Alam el Halfa in Egypt. The word el in Arab is like the English the and Maori te an important little word but never mind that. […]

We don’t Colonise anymore. Now we have Free markets!

John Key our bankster Prime Minister and his National government do not want to tell us what is in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). I suggest to you that while it would be better to know what we are being sold for so we can refuse out right, the secrecy our public servants owners use to […]

In less than 36 hours the Ministry of Fisheries will decide on the future of the last 55 Maui dolphins. Here is what you can do!

Update: the voice mail boxes of the ministry of fishery are full, this great because it means they could not keep up with people calling. Try again tomorrow and lets keep their lines busy so they know we’re out there watching them and we won’t take  a death verdict for the Maui dolphins lightly. Please […]

On Mutton birds, Fukushima and the National Radiation Laboratory

I found this yesterday on Ben Vidgen’s Postmaster blog. Another Kiwi blog well worth reading. He touches upon the “work” of the mysteriously inept National Radiation Laboratory which lack of reporting at the time of the start of the Fukushima disaster and it’s continued descent into what is easily the worst short term thread to […]

NZ Asset Sales Policy Began On Wall Street

And another Kiwi gets it. Clutha river is also on the block for more destruction and dam building but what makes it clear in this article is that just like with the planned West coast seabed mining, fracking, Christchurch’s rebuilding monopoly of Fletcher all roads lead back to John Key’s connection with Wall street and […]

Radioactive Rain Detected in Los Angeles and Japanese food glows in the dark

I stopped buying any food made in Japan the day Fukushima hit the News. Turns out that was a good idea so for those of you still buying Nori seaweed for your sushi a word of advise; DON’T! And if you like Shitake I suggest you start growing them yourself. Rain and mist that fell […]

On the privatisation of Water, Fracking and why it’s a really bad idea.

With the privatisation of water on the cards for New Zealand to the point of actually having meters on the tanks you installed yourself on your little off the grid survival patch here are some ideas and links you might like to explore. In England the South is experiencing the worst draughts in recent history […]

Easter, Spring and Child labour chocolate eggs or why I don’t celebrate tomorrow

Easter, Ishtar, Oestrogen  are all related words. The first is how we name the celebrations of the resurrection of Jesus. The second was the name of the great mother of all things even of all the gods in ancient Babylon and the third; Oestrogen. Oestrogen is one of the most important female hormones as it […]

John Key has a conflict of interest. No kidding!

Today Labour’s broadcasting spokeswoman, Clare Curran pointed out that John Key had a conflict of interest because he chaired a committee which appointed his electorate chairman to the board of NZ On Air. While of course this is a real conflict of interest it is only one of many and it should come as no […]

The bankers who think they’re doing God’s work

So Goldman Sachs, the world’s greatest and smuggest investment bank, has been sued for fraud by the American Securities and Exchange Commission. Legally, the case hangs on a technicality. Morally, however, the Goldman Sachs case may turn into a final referendum on the greed-is-good ethos that conquered America sometime in the 80s – and in […]