Horse with Colic and Hikoi or how a normal week can turn into a week from hell!

For those of you wondering where the hell I went off too during one of the most important popular political two weeks of recent years namely the Hikoi, I had to take care of my seriously ill horse who appeared to have a colic combined with something else which were are still trying to solve.

That mean long days and long nights with frequent checking on my poor horse and while he seems a bit better now it is still not out of the woods.

I did however make it to the Hikoi on Sunday in Hamilton and I saw many Kiwi’s against seabed mining and other groups who are against the oil drilling, mine raping and asset sale plans of this National government and was able to shake Mike Smith’s hand and meet the man in the flesh.

And I feel finally relaxed enough to spend some time behind the computer so here goes!

9 thoughts on “Horse with Colic and Hikoi or how a normal week can turn into a week from hell!

    • Mick it’s horrible. You force a tube down their nose into their stomach and force 8 litres of water and a gallon of oil into their digestive system and flush their system but in my horses case that did not do the job so the next 10 days will either clear the problems or I will have to put him down.

      • yuck… good luck …we used to have cattle that ” bloated ” from getting into cover and pigging out …you had to let the gas out by a tube through the gut wall…nasty.

  1. Really sorry to hear about the horse Ev – colic is serious stuff in our nags. I hope you get the puzzle solved – so many pollutants we are all being exposed to – Anything is possible.

    I to was away for the weekend at the Christchurch Anti Fracking event with Tike Tanne and Ops Shops Jason Kerrison and many other terrific musicians. Sound Bites were heard through the day as various concerned folk got up to talk about much including the current F words. The horrors of fracking and their concerns re water table, earthquakes and air frequency – yes you can frack with frequency. This should ring alarm bells with those that know what is happening all down the East Coast of NZ and on the West – Raglan, Taranaki to Nelson. A peek at the sky is required and a little research into seismic mapping/ frequency technology, HAARP and geoengineering.

    The event was brilliant – much networking done and I was DELIGHTED to be surrounded with so many wide awake people. They have had a gutsfull and they KNOW what is up. Look out NZ Government. All your dirty laundrey is about to be hung out for all to see.

    I’m putting this here because the folk that organised the Hikoi began their protest at the Riccarton Raceway venue and walked to Hagley park. They received a spectacular response from the people of Canterbury. They should be commended for their efforts and well bloody done to all involved!

    I have photos if you would like to post them somewhere here.

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