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To most people it may seem as if the current hurry to sell New Zealand’s assets is solely the result of the stupidity of Kiwi’s electing National as their Government but the truth is that National or Labour could not have prevented it because our assets are being sold not because of a philosophical or political doctrine but because there is a problem with the thing we call money.

Our money you see it what is called a fiat currency and it is not related to anything of value and the powers that be are printing more and more of it but people are catching on and the only way for the “rich” people to “keep” their wealth is to buy up real world wealth with their worthless digital and paper fiat money.

I thought I’d put up a 45 minute animation video that explains real simple how our money…

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  1. Yes… it’s an all out, last minute grab for anything tangible. While there were plenty of resources the issue of fiat currency wasn’t a problem but as we begin to hit peak-everything, the value of everything increases exponentially when you attempt to tie the fiat to something real. The bankster elite know that the global financial system is nearing collapse, they need to get their hands on tangible wealth while their fiat monopoly money still counts for something.

    • The sad part is that they think it’s legal and that they will get away with it. They do have a lot to learn about the upcoming events.

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