No holocaust, no foreign countries invaded, no nuclear armament plans and Osama bin Laden was found in Pakistan so why do we stay in Afghanistan?

Western troops have been in Afghanistan almost a whopping 11 years. We bombed the country back to the stone age with tons of depleted Uranium which will stay radioactive for at least 4.5 billion years.

Why? Do you ever ask yourself why?

In the second world war it took four years before the international community could get of their arses to help liberate countries which had been invaded by the Germans (And yes, Hitler was financed by the international banksters but that is a different discussion) who killed millions of Jews (Sorry guys, I grew up in the aftermath of the war and I lived with the victims and many of them were Jewish concentration camp survivors so you won’t find Holocaust denial here)  and millions of other citizens of their own and conquered nations so why doesn’t anybody ask themselves this question?

Why did it take the international community four years to begin to fight back Germany and why did it take only three weeks to attack Afghanistan based on a mere speculative accusation about the involvement of one person allegedly hiding out in the mountainous area of Afghanistan?

Why did we invade a sovereign country which had done nothing to us (Not the US nor New Zealand nor the rest of the coalition of the killing) and why are we still there after almost 11 years? What’s more, if we went in there because of Osama  bin Laden who was “found” in Pakistan last year than why does the US want to stay there another 12 years?

The Afghans had nothing to do with 911 and were prepared to hand over Osama bin Laden if the Americans could provide proof, they did not kill millions of people because of their religion or race, they did not invade other countries and other than being fairly restrictive on their own population the leaders of Afghanistan did not show aggression to anyone. What’s more they did something no other government had done before them, they stopped the opium trade.

Just think of that. Why would the West spend literally trillion of dollars and thousands of lives to stay in Afghanistan?

2 thoughts on “No holocaust, no foreign countries invaded, no nuclear armament plans and Osama bin Laden was found in Pakistan so why do we stay in Afghanistan?

  1. Because people profit from war …in 2010 American Congressional members invested over $200 million of their own money into companies DIRECTLY profiting from “the WAR of Terror ” . So how will the war ever end when the ONLY people with the power to stop it have such a vested interest in it continuing .

    • yeah you and I know that but why do 90% of all sheeple accept it as a patriotic or communal duty instead of a profit opportunity for the same people ripping them off

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