Spain is collapsing and Egypt is shutting the gas to Israel down which one will collapse the global economy first

Update 11:54 am. Well, that didn’t take long: Racist, Arab hater, minister of foreign affairs and all round scumbag Lieberman says Egypt is more dangerous than Iran.

In what of course is largely evading the NZ MSM here are some news items which should worry you greatly.

First of all Egypt Israel’s key energy provider is strangling Israel as it has stopped the gas supply to the country. This is a very dangerous development which might very well trigger unpredictable consequences with a government hell bent on attacking Iran to keep in power, a population to a large extend opposed to war with Iran but maybe tempted to follow it’s government if it perceives a threat from Egypt.

And in Europe Spain is collapsing under a huge insurmountable debt burden 9which may cause the country to collapse within a month) and while the ESM had gained dictatorial financial power there is only so much people are prepared to take. In the wake of all the bad news Spain has taken the first step to total control over the cash supply and degreed that no cash sales over the 2500 euro will be allowed (To stop tax cheats of course)

5 thoughts on “Spain is collapsing and Egypt is shutting the gas to Israel down which one will collapse the global economy first

  1. Lieberman ? The quisling Lieberman in America or the racist/fascist Lieberman in Israel ? Then there is the stories in the links below,Israel implying Gazains will rocket attack Egypt ! wtf ?

    And just when I might have a free trip to Barcelona in the next month or so we see it “going Greek” ,shit .Was looking forward to the food ,maybe it will be heavily peppered (sprayed).

    • The combination Arab hater and minister for foreign affairs should have been a dead give away that is was the Israeli variety. Thanks for the links

    • Don’t worry, it is a long time before a Spaniard will give up his food and a lot of people still grow their own.

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