No gas for Israel, no candidates for the Egyptian people or are we looking at a diversion here?

Israeli’s were called back from their Red Sea resorts for fear of a terrorist attack on Saturday and Egypt shut down all the natural gas exports to Israel in what can only be detrimental in the already financially strapped country.

This weekend the Egyptian military rulers announced that many presidential candidates would not be allowed to run much to the disgust of many Egyptians who in louder and louder voices are calling for the Egyptian army to step down as the de facto rulers.

Israel’s Zionist rulers need a war to keep their population from rebelling against the rising food costs and their growing resistance against the planned attack on Iran.

Both countries are depending on US money and Obama has some serious problems at home. The birth certificate issue is not going away and Ron Paul is getting stronger by the day. Not because the MSM gives him the time of day but because he is the popular voice and to top it off millions upon millions of Americans are arming themselves and while the government buys millions of dumdum bullets, bullet proof roadside checkpoints and road side bomb proof armoured vehicles it would clearly be madness for any ruling elite to assume that they could win in a violent confrontation with an angry well armed population.

So with this as a back ground here are some thoughts that come to mind:

  • It would be convenient for the Egyptian rulers to direct their populations anger towards Israel.
  • It would be convenient for the Zionist rulers for their population to feel threatened by the Egyptians.
  • It would be convenient for the US government to have the population being distracted and realigned with AIPAC if the Egyptians did something to upset the Israeli population.
  • It would be convenient for both Israel and the US for the global population to be pacified with the obvious withdrawal from sable rattling towards Iran and Syria which nobody thinks is a good idea.
  • It would be convenient for European governments and banksters if the European population was distracted by a war between Israel and Egypt and it would be
  • convenient for the Egyptian rulers if their population got decimated by an Israeli attack in order to submit them again.

It seems to me that other than the global 99% our rulers would be very happy if the situation between Israel and Egypt would escalate!

2 thoughts on “No gas for Israel, no candidates for the Egyptian people or are we looking at a diversion here?

  1. War with Israel enables the Eqyptian military regime to declare a state of emergency and suspend any elections.

    With the declining use of oil in the West (due to the economy), the world has plenty of it at the moment and any instability in the Middle East helps keep oil prices up.

    Ron Paul will never be President. His antipathy towards the bankster elite and US Fed would see him assassinated before he ever got close. With so many guns… the US is heading for its second revolution. Gun and ammunition manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the demand. The elite are insane to think they can keep a lid on it.

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