Sky city is not an isolated event, it is iconic for the corruption flooding New Zealand and the rest of the globe

The Sky City gambling palace is what it is; a shiny seductive trap to scam people out of their hard earned money with the promise of a good time and the chance to win some money.

Everybody knows that 99.9% of all people gambling go home a great deal of money lighter and possibly closer to a bankruptcy or trouble at home.

From Pokies to Credit default swaps

It’s owners are like drug pushers. They seduce, corrupt and suck the life out of their victims. It doesn’t make a jot of difference whether it happens on a street corner or in a posh ritzy place or if it happens in the plush seductive offices of an “investment” banker specialised in classy sounding financial instruments. The selling of those instruments requires the same predatory mentality the result is the same..

Financially broken people, institutions, countries and a broken global financial system are the end result.

So why anybody should be incensed to find John Key embroiled in the shady deals surrounding the pokies of the Sky City gambling den is beyond me because that is what dealers in vices do! They get together to monopolise their ability to scam their victims.

From Pokies to the banksters Collateral Default Swaps the predators do what they do best; scamming people to peoples out of their real world wealth for some plastic  chips fake fiat dollars!

12 thoughts on “Sky city is not an isolated event, it is iconic for the corruption flooding New Zealand and the rest of the globe

  1. So under the “Key Doctrine” if a drug dealer sponsors a “Rehab Clinic” can he sell drugs even thou its against the law ?

  2. John Keys has his own agenda, hes using New Zealand as his own corporate vehicle. And doesn’t seem to be answerable to anyone.

    • Yeah Au Tiko and all the while with that smarmy smile on his face.

      It won’t be hard to dig up a working girl/boy that knows about Key and his fetishes.

      Our country is about to be inundated with A Class drugs & filthy money. I can think of no better way to launder that sort of cash.

      Bring it on Key. There are so many eyes on you – you will come undone regardless of how many body guards you have or how many clean up boys are on your pay roll.

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