Bail condition blackmail and Hone joins the action at Glenn Innes

With possibly unlawful and outrageous bail conditions the police is trying to isolate John Minto and Hone Harawira from their constituents while trying to stop the activists in Glenn Innes form being evicted.

Yesterday Tuesday 17th John Minto and other activists were brutalised by the police during their protest against the evictions in Glenn Innes.

Hone Harawira has said he will join the actions and is requesting Mana members and everybody who wants to support the demonstrators to join him at 5.30 pm at the public library of Glen Innes on Line Road then march peacefully to Glen Innes police station, bring placards, your whanau, video cameras and your voice.’

5 thoughts on “Bail condition blackmail and Hone joins the action at Glenn Innes

  1. This is not illegal or outrageous. It’s a commonplace part of bail conditions. “The most common conditions are that you:
    Reside at a specified address; and
    not contact the victim or complainant; and/or
    not associate with co-offenders; and/or
    have a curfew (not being allowed away from your residential address between certain hours such as 7pm to 7am). “

    • We had this discussion on facebook so I’m not going to repeat it here.

      I do respectfully disagree with your assumption that it is not outrageous. If we let people blackmail us into signing away our right to political activism by blackmailing us while incarcerated I think that would become the everyday way of stifling dissent.

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