Enter the next phase of the collapse!

As was inevitable the financial collapse is entering a new and dangerous new phase.
A month ago it was announced that with the bail out of the big European banks over the backs of the Greeks Greece had solved Europe’s financial woes but now the next and inevitable phase  will slowly develop as Ponzi schemes always do.

It is emerging that whole provinces of Spain are in way more debt then was assumed and if you think Greece was bad, think again because Spain’s economy is huge compared to Greece and there is no way they can be bailed out without giving away the scam that privately owned banks are printing money out of nothing.

Spain’s economic figures like those of Italy, Portugal and Greece are hideous with over 50% of it’s youth unemployed and without a shred of a chance of any future as like everywhere all production jobs have been exported to China.

Here are 19 signs of serious economic distress coming our way and if even the Rothschild banks are pulling together and merge for the first time in the hundreds of years they have been manipulating the economics of this globe you can rest assured something really bad is about to happen.

But in a ray of hope there is Iceland showing us the way out.  let’s hope Kiwi’s and other peoples around the world wake up to the fact that there is only a few of them and billions of us.

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