On Iceland, Mortgages and Democracy or why Iceland may well be the only real Democracy left

Iceland, the only country which had the courage to stick their finger up to the international banksters and which has arrested it’s prime minister for being in cahoots with those same international banksters, may very well be the only Democracy in the world still functioning as it should.

With a population of approximately 319,575 (estimate January 2012 according to Wikipedia) it is not a very a very big country. In fact I dare say everybody knows just about everybody else through someone or other and maybe that is its secret for still being a functioning Democracy.

It’s no easy being corrupt if the entire populations knows were you live and were to find you if you’re found out but still the Prime Minister and some people very connected to the banking world tried it on. Former Prime Minister Geir Haarde is charged with gross negligence for failing to put financial safeguards in place and to date several  high ranking banksters have been arrested and will face court for their machinations.

This together with the fact that Iceland’s population has refused to shoulder the Derivatives debt of the banks and bluntly refused to pay off the English and Dutch banks their onerous claims makes Iceland an absolute unique country to date and a shining example for all the other countries currently being terrorised by their banking elite into paying ever higher bailouts.

But on Friday the thirteenth they made absolute history and it is no mistake you won’t find that on every front page in the mainstream media What did they do?

They pardoned the mortgage of every Icelandic citizen!!!

And why not? The banks printed the money out of thin air and tricked it’s “customers” into 25-30 year debt slavery with the artificial housing bubble and their huge interest payments and I suggest this should happen globally. Banks have stolen the global wealth of all of us with their fraudulent creation of fiat money and its time we take our world back from these vultures and while we’re at it perhaps we should investigate John Key and his banksters mates machinations in getting NZ deeper in debt than we have been for decennia

12 thoughts on “On Iceland, Mortgages and Democracy or why Iceland may well be the only real Democracy left

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  2. You obviously don’t know much about Iceland. What you hear on international news is not true. There was no revolution in Iceland and nothing has changed, really. A few people banged some pans together and burned down a christmas tree and some new douchebags were voted into office.
    That doesn’t change a thing about the system and the web of debt.

  3. I followed the link at the bottom of this artical, then read a stuff piece quoting this man Shamubeel Eaqub, who seemed to think that health care should be ditched because it costs to much. Apon further Googling, I find Shamubeel Eaqub is or was a Goldman Sucks advisor. need I say more.

  4. There is a spreading paradigm shift and I’ll show you what I mean…

    There is a poll running on Stuff.co.nz, slash national, slash political… and at the time of writing the percentage result shows as follows in the order as listed:

    1990 votes so far

    Act – 7.9%
    Greens – 37.4%
    Labour – 10.4%
    Mana – 5.3%
    Maori – 1.1%
    National – 30.6%
    New Zealand First – 6.1%
    United Future – 1.2%

    My order goes like this:

    Act, Maori, National, United Future (the government) 40.8%
    Greens, Labour, Mana, New Zealand First (the opposition) 59.2%

    Mandate belongs with the majority. Greens, Labour, Mana and New Zealand First owe it to their own claims of integrity to put aside their differences and work to the common good of all New Zealanders. They cannot claim integrity if they do not make every effort to do this because integrity is not who you are it is what you do with who you are… and that is the call to us all…

  5. There is a very real solution to a very real problem with this national government’s social-economic-environmental-corporate-interventionalistic policies…

    This solution would not have worked two years ago but it will today because today the national government rules with a minority mandate, meaning that somewhere in this country there is in existence, a majority mandate… We have to find us!

    The true majority mandate here in New Zealand expresses itself on a number of different platforms. At the moment the level of government opposition is great but the cohesion is minimal. The Majority Mandate of New Zealand is active to varying degrees in a myriad of political parties and political ideology and are only now starting to realize that on our own we are powerless but by putting aside ideas that separate and taking on board the ideology of freedom and life, that which we all have in common… and by this, ‘putting-to-one-side’ our differences, we are a collective powerhouse that will cohesively arise, speak and step down the government, calling for total constitutional and governmental reform.

    When we the MAJORITY MANDATE of New Zealand wake up and realize who we are and that together we have actual and legal power to make the most important changes to our future, first… then all the other changes we want would follow in a natural roll-out type of way.

    Today is a moment in history that we do not want to miss because in this day we have the opportunity to find our majority mandate that has been hid for so long within our multiple factions and disunity. Today we have the opportunity to make an actual difference. The opportunity to come together… to create a legitimate People’s Round Table that shifts the decision-making-power-base back to the people.

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