Alam Halfa, the battle of el Alamein and the Central North Island Military training exercises or are Kiwi’s training for war with Iran?

Apparently New Zealand troops were involved in the battle of el Alamein which turned out to be a critical battle in WWII. They took part in a place called Alam el Halfa in Egypt.

The word el in Arab is like the English the and Maori te an important little word but never mind that. Us Westerners don’t have to worry about such distinctions as Arabic is the language of little brown people with a miserable religion sitting on top of our oil ( I really had a conversation with a kiwi lady who actually thought it was our oil which those nasty Muslims were holding on too, amazing).

Since that was one claim to battle field fame for New Zealand it should come as no surprise the training exercise to be held with our newly refound friends the US military is called the mangled Arab name Alam Halfa as the enemy du jour is and has been for the last 11 years the entire Muslim world.

What got me was the area the exercise was going to take place. The Central Northern plateau which has a road crossing it called the Desert road. I just thought I’d put a couple of pictures here and let you decide where they were made.

Here’s a hint; only 1 photo is from a Iranian desert. Do you think they choose their practice area for a reason?

4 thoughts on “Alam Halfa, the battle of el Alamein and the Central North Island Military training exercises or are Kiwi’s training for war with Iran?

  1. I think they chose that area because that’s where the NZ army does a vast majority of its exercises (and has done, long before 2001). The Waiouru Army Base is just down the road, after all.

  2. I really don’t like the buddying up Key is doing with Obama, it’s a moth to flame scenario, get too close and you’re going to get burnt and it’s going to be us, the people of NZ who get burnt as key will bring in all the ridiculous laws and bills that the US has and is trying to introduce just to keep the US (mainly his lover boy Obama) sweet. At least Clark had the guts to tell the US where to go, and we were better off for it.

  3. There was another specific quote (that I can’t find in Stuff articles etc) in the Waikato Times from Nato’s supreme allied commander in Europe, Admiral James Stavridis, from the Wellington media briefing in which he mentioned internet privacy as another cooperative US/NZ battlefront against potential threats – you might find that interesting in how it all ties in with the Trans-Pacific Partnership / SOPA etc. I’ve driven along Desert Rd many times and have a close friend who told me that military personel routinely camp on the hills and practice training their long-sights on moving targets, namely civilian cars. “They probably have crosshairs on the sides of our heads right now”.

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