On the Queen, her Despot friends and “Lists”.

A Palace source told The Mail on Sunday: ‘It was the Queen’s decision to host the lunch and her decision to invite every world sovereign. It would have been very rude to have left anyone off the list and the Queen would never want to offend anyone.’

As dictators go the Sheik of Bahrain is not exceptional if you look at how royals behaved throughout history. Kings have laid waste to entire parts of their kingdoms to suppress dissent as a matter of course and just to make sure the off spring of the leaders of uprisings would not return to avenge their fathers they would be killed too and so would their wives and the villages that just happened to be in the way of his army.

Nothing exceptional there. It’s just that at the mo the Queen prefers to be liked rather than hated and has to keep up the illusion that she is a great tourism attraction rather than a parasitical tumour on the people of England as well as the owner of much of the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. So to be seen hobnobbing with your common royal despot is not a good look.

The sheik of  Bahrain’s son pulled out of the wedding celebrations of Kate and William at the last moment saving the couple some embarrassment seeing as his father was ordering wholesale murder on his protesting people who wanted more democracy.

It’s not the killing of course that is the bad thing. It’s doing it while the rest of the world watches and while the Queens army is invading other countries in the name of liberating their people from their brutal dictators.

But the illusion only goes so far and you can’t keep a good Royal despot down and you can’t expect them to voluntarily withdraw routinely  to safe one from embarrassment.

In the end the only thing one has is ones Royal circle and if one dumps one, one risks being dumped when one needs to be supported in the suppression of ones subjects when they take to the streets to try to take their country back.

"I've personally tested this blade Charles, and I can assure you it is quit fabulous for the odd quick beheading"

The Bahrainy Sheik unlike Gaddafi (who chucked the Libyan Royalty out on their dictatorial arses) you see is on the Queens list which opens the door to her and the global royal circle which in turn means cheap weapons (£2.2million worth in September 2011 in return for the decision not to how up at the royal wedding possibly) to kill more of his people and a place at the dinner table of her son Prince Charles. No doubt to eat the best organic produce and while a Muslim unlike his people drink lots of very expensive champagne.

Now about these lists.

Our global and royal masters are very fond of lists. There is a no fly list in the US which means if you’re on it you won’t be able to fly. It is rumoured Obama has a list of people he would like to see assassinated and in England there is a list of blacklisted engineers who when they got fired for pointing out safety issues and labour issues were unable to get a new job the list was compiled with the full cooperation of her majesties police force. The propensity of royal to compile lists of desirables and undesirables is not limited to royals of course.

The German Nazi’s also loved lists. The Jews were on one big list and so were gypsies, gays and labour leaders who tried to stand up for better wages and more rights for the common people.

So it appears it all depends on what list from TPTB you find yourself and it’s my guess that 99% of us find themselves on one of the latter list while the 1% who finds themselves on the Royal list can kill, destroy and loot to their hearts contents.

Oh oops, I think I just found myself on the “off to Guantanamo or other black hole ” list when the shit starts hitting the fan and TPTB will begin to try to eliminate anybody with a brain and the will to speak the truth against TPTB.

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