This Is Awakening!

This morning I woke up to this beautifully written comment and decided to give it pride of place. I have never given a comment post status but for some reason I think many many people in New Zealand feel like this. At least if my readership is anything to go by. Numbers of readers are going up especially in New Zealand (about 30-60 unique new visitors ever day) and judging by the lack of aggression apart from the odd shill I think that people here are really beginning to get it. Thank you Robby for wording it so well:

It takes a lot to make a Kiwi angry. I know this because I woke up in 2006 and over the last six years with each fresh revelation of the truth the ratchet clicked a half degree more to anger. It wasn’t as if I was slowly becoming increasingly unhappy either. This anger was so slow to build up that I didn’t know it was there until just over six months ago. I somehow felt like I had missed the beginning of everything and that I should have been there to have my say so that things wouldn’t have got as messed up as they are… Like, I was strapped in and manning the manual winch that had a mile of chain attached to this anger and the winch is without a handle. By the time I realized that it had been slipping away from me, half a mile of chain was missing and the silent movement of the ratchet falling into place at the next notch had gone into an exponential free-fall. Before I knew it this anger had reach full length and it was going somewhere, dragging me with it.

I love peace and I am Angry so you had better believe that there will be a marked difference in the way we express how we feel about what is going on… all things being equal that is one in all and all in one.

5 thoughts on “This Is Awakening!

  1. I hear and read about peoples anger and frustration and the need to externalize their blame. I see many react to stupidity and yet treat their neighbors like garbage in all the righteousness and superiority. How different are we from the idiot politicians if we can not internalize our responsibility and stop with all the blame and treating others with so much judgement and condemnation. I am a neighbor of a prominent local person who shines to others on the outside but the truth about her ugly side rarely is seen or known. The hypocrisy and the righteousness is the problem and we need to look within and treat others as we want to be treated. Then maybe we can work together better and get what we want with the environment and take back our country and make it great.

  2. I wrote the following after witnessing Phil Heatley behave dismissively in Parliament toward the Kaikoura Community concerns over proposed deep sea oil drilling up current of our stunningly beautiful and rich marine environment. Thought it relevant to your last posts.!

    It’s interesting how being treated with contempt can make you angry. Up until now in this campaign I have felt really positive and determined. Surely once they heard our concerns they would see the lack of common sense in their proposal! But today I saw in Minister Heatley’s responses a flippancy and lack of respect which has touched my quite deeply….. Hey Mr. Heatley! We are intelligent, caring human beings down here in Kaikoura and we treasure our marine life, our birds, our beaches and rocky coast line. We treasure our town and lifestyles. How dare you dismiss our concerns with a one word answer! How dare you say you don’t need to do an economic analysis on the Kaikoura coast because you know the history of oil in Taranaki. We are unique, as is Taranaki, as is Southland! Today your Ministry has refused to give the Kaikoura District Council the twenty working days it asked for to prepare a formal submission. A few hours later you stand up in parliament and say you a confident the Ministry is consulting with us.
    Thank you Gareth Steffan and your teams for what you did today to support Kaikoura. Three cheers for you all!
    I guess I should thank Mr Heatley too…..for showing me who he really is.

    • You just encountered the sheer greed and callousness of the ruling elite s’all. I’m sure it hurts but these people don’t think like you and me. A wise lesson learned. Getting angry and losing your innocence are essential to getting to understand what you are truly fighting.

  3. anger is a vital emotion – it shows us who we are NOT – it is supposed to spring board us into action – but often we suppress it and just continue onward – or we swallow it down – divert our selves, distract ourselves – very rarely do we sit and examine it – and now it is building – untill enough of you get angry and really angry enough to unite together ..nothing much will change – but when you do – every thing will change

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