The Numbers That Matter: $15,564,809,891,768 And $8.354 Billion

Without wasting our readers’ time, here are the only two numbers that matter today: $15,564,809,891,767.99 – This is how high record US federal debt is as of today. Although “record” and “US debt” in the same sentence is now redundant. So just debt. (source) $8.354 billion. This is how much net US tax revenues (net […]

8 Creepy Spy Technologies That Can Be Hitched to Your Neighborhood Drones

Last fall, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department got together for a photo op showing off a new unmanned surveillance craft. The $300,000 drone did not have an auspicious debut. Minutes after take-off, the UAV lost touch with the control console and plummeted to earth, crashing into the police officers assembled for the launch. No one was hurt, because police […]

Muslims did not attack the U.S. on 9/11

From Kevin Ryan, one of the foremost 911 whistle-blower and an incredible researchers! Since September 11, 2001, the United States has initiated a number of wars in Muslim countries. These wars, which would be more correctly called massacres, have resulted in the deaths of countless innocent Muslims.  In some cases, attempts have been made to […]

Jason Russel the maker of Kony 2012 in meltdown or a brainwash malfunction.

Yesterday the news brought us the fact that Jason Russell the guy who directed the Kony 2012 false flag video promoted to prepare us for the recolonisation of the African continent had a complete meltdown and indeed a video was released of him stark naked hitting the sidewalk with his hands. Exhaustion, dehydration and malnourishment […]

Kony 2012, invisible children and a huge oil find in Uganda or why you should educate yourself

The internet has been abuzz with a video about a guy called Kony who apparently abducts children to fight for him in his mad religion fuelled “liberation army” in Uganda. The problem is this all started more than 20 years ago. In fact children abducted to fight in “liberation armies”in Africa has been a common […]

Referendum in Ireland? Kicking the bankers out worked for Iceland!

Just when the euro-zone crisis was getting a bit repetitive, the Irish decided to lob another hand grenade into the mix. Last week, the Irish government announced that Ireland would be holding a referendum on the European Union’s Fiscal Compact Treaty before the end of the year. The news came as a surprise in both […]

Bloomberg Sues The Bucket Shop Known As The ECB, Seeks Disclosure Of Secret Greek Swap Documents

Here is what Bucket shop means for those who don’t know. And so the spirit of Mark Pittman lives on. Bloomberg, which last year sued the Fed in a landmark FOIA case, and won (a decision which is being appealed by the kleptocrats but not the Fed), has decided to go transatlantic, and is now […]

You didn’t think they’d take it lying down did you? The first Greek PSI lawsuits begin!

In a move that could trigger the entire global financial system to collapse even faster than it is already collapsing a multitude of hedge funds is entering into court cases to force the five to big to fail to make good on their derivatives scams and make them pay out on the defaulted Greek bonds. […]

Oh, how we liberated them!!!

As the news from the countries we “liberated” reaches us it is becoming clearer and clearer that our word liberation stands for destruction, destruction of culture, of economy, morals, tribal governance, of sanity, of gene pools, of family. In Iraq 90 kids were stoned to death for having hairstyles the religious police didn’t like (reminiscent […]

Huljich, Banks and Brash, corruption at the highest level, one law for you and another for them

If you or I were partners owned a company and we had two equal partners and we were convicted of misleading  possible new clients with fraudulent financial figures in our prospectus, I’m sure those partners if they co-signed the prospectus would have to defend themselves like I had to against the accusations. Not so it […]

Greece has defaulted and that is a good thing in the long run!

As the news reaches us that as predicted the city councils throughout New Zealand have ratcheted up the highest debts per capita ever Moody has declared Greece in default. This presents a clear case of a default event and while the central banks and other fraudulent finance institutions such the IMF et all. want us […]

A quote for the day!

“Peace, in the sense of the absence of war, is of little value to someone who is dying of hunger or cold. It will not remove the pain of torture inflicted on a prisoner of conscience. It does not comfort those who have lost their loved ones in floods caused by senseless deforestation in a […]

How To Become An (American) Extremist In Style!

  I personally practice my inner Gandhi and have made the decision to resist peacefully and with the full intention of getting into peoples faces as much as I can but other than that read and enjoy! One man with courage is a majority Thomas Jefferson Here is the original For most of us in […]

The real reason for Greeces bankrupcy: The New Mediterranean Oil and Gas Bonanza?

The discovery in late 2010 of the huge natural gas bonanza off Israel’s Mediterranean shores triggered other neighbouring countries to look more closely at their own waters. The results revealed that the entire eastern Mediterranean is swimming in huge untapped oil and gas reserves. That discovery is having enormous political, geopolitical as well as economic […]

On Breitbart, heart attack guns and the legal assassination of American citizens.

I didn’t like Breitbard. He was a right wing hateful shock jock but he died at 43 leaving four children while on the verge of revealing some very damaging information on Obama. He died of an alleged heart attack and this was announced within an hour of his demise. That is very unusual in a […]

On Boating accidents and Shark attacks. Max & Stacey 229 teaser

Here is the teaser for their 229 show and no, I have not forgotten or missed the predictable demise of Lulszec (part of Anonymous) with their leader turning out to be an Arab looking FBI operator or the damaged Christian Kiwi graves in Al Qaeda ruled Benghazi or the inevitable collapse of the Greek bailout […]

Max and Stacy 228: Cosa Wallstra and a fine explanation as to why Derivatives are a scam

In this excellent show Stacy and Max once again convey convincingly how the Financial collapse is a non military but never the less devastating form of warfare and Satyajit Das explains in a manner understandable for all of us non finance jargon savy the ins and outs of the Greek bail out and why Derivatives […]

A quote for the day!

 “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because […]

And here we go: A third Greek bailout is nessesary

From Zero hedge Following up on Peter’s summary of the if-then conditional analyses to be conducted concurrently by various classes of Greek bondholders ahead of Thursday’s PSI deadline (even as Bingham is rapidly organizing a Greek ad hoc ‘holdout’ committee to stop the PSI), here is some news that may obviate pretty much everything, and […]