Fukushima is not going away. In fact it’s so bad Tokyo would be considerd Radioactive waste in the West


While John Key is telling the “bad” Muslim countries that Nuclear stuff is dangerous and they would be held accountable if a nuclear terrorist attack were ever to take place in an “off the cuff” 4 minute speech no doubt written for him by his Global elite masters (with Obama giving him a “good boy” pat on the arm) the same people are keeping schtum about the absolute hell hole they are creating in the Northern hemisphere by companies owned by the same elite.

Here are some facts you might want to confront John Key with the next time you see him look meaningful at something.

  • Tepco’s Nuclear reactors were build by military industrial complex corporation GE or General Electric. Ask him if he has shares in it.
  • Why don’t we get information regularly about what is really going on in those reactors such as:
  • The only water left in reactor number 2 is only a paltry 2 feet (60cm) and the hydrogen level in reactor no 4 with the Plutonium/Uranium fuel has risen 500% over the last two weeks
  • Tests have confirmed that Tokyo soil would be so radioactive it would be considered Radioactive waste and could only be disposed of in a special Texas facility. May I remind you that New Zealand planes fly to and fro Japan and Tokyo with terrifying regularity and according to the airline company all is fine in Japan.

Together with the total contamination of Afghanistan,Pakistan Iraq and Libya with depleted uranium I put it to you that John Key as a messenger boy for the Military industrial puppet masters is actually complicit in the biggest Radioactive nuclear terrorist attack currently under way. That of the contamination of the entire planet with radioactive material.


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