Media Release: EDS calls for urgent action to halt the catastrophic decline in Maui’s dolphin numbers

The Department of Conservation today released a research report which
estimates that there are now only 55 adult Maui’s dolphins remaining.
“This is a perilously low number,” said EDS Policy Director, Raewyn
Peart. “Every effort must urgently be made to save the Maui’s dolphin
from extinction.”
“EDS applauds the announcement by Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson
and Primary Industries Minister David Carter that they are considering
extending the set net ban south along the Taranaki coast. It is
essential that this is put in place as soon as possible.
“We also need to ensure full observer coverage of any fishing vessels
operating within the marine mammal sanctuary area. Without this measure,
there is no certainty that the set net bans are being adhered to.
“In addition, the Auckland Council, Northland Regional Council and
Waikato Regional Council will need to urgently strengthen provisions in
their regional coastal plans to ensure that activities such as mining
and coastal development do not adversely impact on the dolphins.
“Under the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement, councils are legally
obliged to change their plans if necessary to avoid adverse effects on
threatened species.
“The Maui’s dolphin is the most threatened cetacean on the planet and we
all need to work together to pull it back from the brink,” concluded Ms
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via Media Release: EDS calls for urgent action to halt the catastrophic decline in Maui’s dolphin numbers.

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