This is personal! Kiwi’s against seabed mining!

In many ways writing and redirecting other peoples writing is so much easier and less stressful than dealing with the real world even though this blog deals with the darkest aspects of the real world but sometimes there comes a time when the real world encroaches to the point you have to make a choice and over the last two weeks the darkest aspects of the real world came crashing in.

Trans Tasman Resources and Rio Tinto amongst others are preparing to up the ante with regards to mining our precious sea beds and the home of the last 55 Maui dolphins. In order to help the members of KASM (Kiwi’s against seabed mining) in their struggle against the wholesale destruction of of our fisheries and to help protect the Maui dolphins I have volunteered to be the Web master for the next years and while I hope this won’t interfere with this blog it will mean I will have to dedicate a part of my time to help build up the KASM blog, revamp the website and help raise the awareness of the proposed mining of our precious marine environment.

For those of you interested I hope you will take the time to visit the links and if you want to be kept abreast of developments please subscribe to the blog for regular info.

2 thoughts on “This is personal! Kiwi’s against seabed mining!

  1. I am from Kaikoura, east coast of the South Island north of Christchurch and south of Blenheim. They have already sold DOC land without our knowledge.

    The Whales and Hector Dolphins live here along our shores and they are preparing to drill our seabed (in the fog that NEVER moves along the coast line now.) This is DEVESTATING news!

    No Drill Kaikoura protest is on 25th March at 4pm. TVNZ has interviewed and this will be broadcasting prime time this weekend.

    Meet at the lookout. Bring your banners – the larger the better and focus on Deep Sea Drilling.


    • Wow that’s truely disgusting. This government is slipping far too many things past the people without sharing what they’re up to…

      Why? Because Donkey and his group of shit heads know that we wont stand for what they’re up to. The asset sales are hated alone even amongst national fans, so imagine the anger at this.

      Good luck with your protest NZRose! I wish you and your fellow protesters the best! Let’s hope this wakes our docile nation up.

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