Why does the NZ army need cannon fodder? Could it be to help the Ozzies in Africa

NZCF Kerikeri Unit Commander Mita Harris said the Green Unit was offering especially interesting training this year.

Why is the NZ army “inviting” youngsters (from a primarily poor Maori region) for an especially interesting training. Could it be because the Australian army needs a couple more muppets to die in the banking empire’s illegal wars?

Kids, please don’t fall for this. Killing people is horrible and most soldiers come back broken and ill from having done so and knowing they did it for the greed of rich pricks who didn’t give a fuck about them.

Here are some stories of those soldiers:

8 thoughts on “Why does the NZ army need cannon fodder? Could it be to help the Ozzies in Africa

  1. If the then de-humanized killers come back, they can be wrecked for the rest of their lives or else the backbone of a terrorist army!

    PIRA often had Brit army training.

    Be careful NZ!!!!!

  2. A teacher friend of mine told me recently that she was contacted by the NZ Navy to see if the Chatham Islands children from her school had been passed the marketing matirial that the schools have been bombarded with recently… why were the children of the Chatham Islands singled out? This school is the NZ Corespondance School so they have enrolments from all over the world.
    This is the population of that islands – pedominanty Maori and Moriori

    The Moriori have received recognition from the Crown and the New Zealand government and some of their claims against those institutions for the generations of neglect and oppression have been accepted and acted on. Moriori are recognised as the original people of Rekohu. The Crown also recognised the invading Maori tribe: Ngati Mutunga as having “indigenous” status in the Chathams by right of 160-odd years of occupation.

    The population of the islands is 650, including members of both ethnic groups.


    Incidently the area is being mined for Phosphate http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/6386432/Phosphate-miner-hails-potential-competitor
    look up the military applications for this inorganic substance.

    Be disgusted NZ and get off your arses. ENOUGH! We are NOT human resources.

  3. Must watch documentary –
    The Ground Truth : The Human Cost Of War

    In the opening scenes of Patricia Foulkrod’s powerful documentary, we’re introduced to a number of young soldiers who speak candidly and powerfully about the motivations that led them to join the military. As their stories unfold, we hear their surprised reactions to boot camp and combat training as they were taught to dehumanize their enemy, to “kill hadjis and ragheads.”


    • Thanks for the doco! I added it to the post. Are you aware you can link all these posts to your facebook page with a single click on the facebook button? That way you spread this info further and wider!

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