Toddler terrorists what is next?

A three year old American kid with a broken leg in a wheelchair is now a legitimate target for the TSA and their groping minions. What gets me is that this guy actually thinks it is OK to grope a kid and the father while filming the incident to spread around no doubt forsakes his fist and foremost parental duty: To protect his kid from molestation.

4 thoughts on “Toddler terrorists what is next?

    • I don’t travel any more and the moment those planes hit the buildings I decided not to travel to the US any more. I’m sad time has proven me right.

  1. I agree Ev – I couldn’t stand by and say nothing while some “weirdo” gropes my son – No big Deal!?? The father is reinforcing to his child that if anything is “kinda weird” do nothing…and then he thanks him!! As for the idiot doing his job does he get a bonus for picking on children and old women with canes 😦 My blood is boiling!

    • Yep, That is the message the father is sending his child: I’m powerless to defend you and you are to submit like a good little slave.

      I’m not advocating violence but imagine what had happened if this father had decked the TSA guy and someone had filmed it and spread it around. It would have send a message saying I’ll protect my son and I’ll die in the process if I have to and boy would that reverberate around the globe.

      Unless the so called brave and free stand up for themselves we are all doomed.

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