Time for input on where mineral hunters can go

Not if but where… Typical! And the name; “Mineral hunters”, like they are just couple of people “finding”the odd bit of gold here and there instead of the wholesale destroyers and polluters they are!

Maori and councils have until March 30 to have a say on where mineral exploration can be done in Northland.
New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals is inviting mining companies to tender for exploration permits from May.
Director Josh Adams says the ministry is consulting with both groups to identify areas of particular sensitivity.
“This consultation will inform the final decision regarding the area released for competitive bidding.”
People deemed to be affected are being contacted directly by NZ Petroleum and Minerals.

Areas excluded from exploration are:

Ninety Mile Beach and Te Rerenga Wairua (Cape Reinga), being land of spiritual significance to all Maori
Land known as Warawara that is of paramount importance to Te Rarawa people
Land listed as unavailable for mining under schedule 4 of the Crown Minerals Act 1991, including the Waipoua Forest tract and Trounson Kauri Park Scenic Reserve, and

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