Update on the attack on Iran.

Just in case you’re wondering how things are progressing towards WWIII here is an update:

The USS enterprise readied for a false flag attack in order to get rid of the the old danger and it’s radioactive nuclear reactors in a opportune spot on our globe ready to radiate some 70 million Iranians for the next 4.5 billion years is only days away from arriving in the strait of  Hormus and four anti mine ships are also headed to the strait of Hormus.

The banking scumbags have disabled Iran’s ability to function on the international financial stage with their deletion of SWIFT transaction abilities (another reason never to have just one global system for doing payments internationally) destroying its ability to buy grain, food, and other necessities for its population.

China has announced they will provide tankers to haul oil and won’t allow it’s economy to be disrupted by the economic sanctions adding tension to the already volatile situation.

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