Jason Russel the maker of Kony 2012 in meltdown or a brainwash malfunction.

Yesterday the news brought us the fact that Jason Russell the guy who directed the Kony 2012 false flag video promoted to prepare us for the recolonisation of the African continent had a complete meltdown and indeed a video was released of him stark naked hitting the sidewalk with his hands.

Exhaustion, dehydration and malnourishment were quoted as the reasons for his very public meltdown. But were they? My husband’s first reaction was: “brainwashing gone wrong?”

And here is why I think he might be right.

Jason Russell was an extremely fundamentalist Christian (which in itself is a form of brainwashing already) or so at least he sold himself, who claimed to have made Kony 2012 video out of love for the children used by Kony in his lord’s salvation army in the civil war in Uganda over the last 25 years.

But as soon as the video exploded on the scene alternative news outlets pointed out the many connections of Invisible children to the financial powers that be and the very comfortable financial position of both Jason Russell and his “Charity” foundation.

I have no doubt that Jason Russell believes himself to be a devoted Christian but why did the Soros financed NGO’s and the other banking interest entities finance him to make his video. Could it be that they knew that if these connections came out they could push the Christian cult brainwashed Jason Russell over the edge thereby disconnecting themselves from the enterprise if the situation became untenable? Sort of a reverse brainwash driving Jason Russell towards a self destructive spiral!

Here is some background info on the financial connections to the Invisible Children Charity

5 thoughts on “Jason Russel the maker of Kony 2012 in meltdown or a brainwash malfunction.

  1. Open your eyes people……..why is it we must believe everything the puppet stringed media tell us. The very media who is owned and run by the same few who provided the funding to the “invisible children” foundation. We are told of these unrests through out the world to provide an excuse for those few to “legally” walk into a country and tighten their grip on global control. They create or highten an agenda then provide us with solutions…..new governing bodies….governing bodies that are funded and comprised of people and corporations that have been involved in nearly every solution to these tyrannies. Look closely at the middle east in recent times, an issue is created or magnified, then a solution is readily at hand…..create a centalised governing body to “control” and manage . A governing body that again is funded and managed by the same interests as those that give charities like “invisible children” $$$$$ to foster and then explode an issue from obscurity to frontline news. Dig deeper and the gravy trains were probably involved in providing some form of, if not all of the funding to these dictators initially. Problem created…..Problem solved….New centalised power.

  2. Oh gosh those BRAINWASHED CHRISTIANS here they go again!
    Last time I checked they were the driving force that founded America and then wrote the laws of freedom you live in..Here is a BIG SECRET…MANY OF THESE CRAZY CHRISTIAN BECAME PRESIDENTS..WASHINGTON, LINCOLN AND JEFFERSON (JUST TO NAME A FEW).

    I had no idea about the invisible children until yesterday.

    I urge all to go to U-Tube and watch Kolby 12 and decide for yourself..Thank God for these men..
    My heart goes out to Jason and his family, it is obvious to me that flipped articles like this helped in his breakdown. He is just a mere human trying to do good. A modern day hero…Compassion people..

    • The Ku Klux Klan also qualify as brainwashed Christians, their rituals and symbols are certainly inspired by their warped faith. My point is that being a Christian does not preculde or exclude you from being either a good person or a bad person. I don’t know why people like you keep equating Christianity with awesomeness. Good people are good because they do good. Not simply because they are Christian. You need to hear more of humanity, see more of humanity and know more of humanity. Sigh.

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