On Breitbart, heart attack guns and the legal assassination of American citizens.

I didn’t like Breitbard. He was a right wing hateful shock jock but he died at 43 leaving four children while on the verge of revealing some very damaging information on Obama. He died of an alleged heart attack and this was announced within an hour of his demise.

That is very unusual in a country that takes at least six weeks to assess the reason for Whitney Houston’s demise. Whitney Houston was a known alcoholic and drug abuser and it would have been understandable to draw a quick conclusion when she was found dead in her bath with people testifying she had been living it up in the days leading up to her death.

Breitbard was not known to abuse drugs, was a healthy 43 year old male and for him to collapse while walking on the streets of Brendwood, California, US should be reason to be very careful about what caused his death. Yet, the Mud stream media felt totally confident  about announcing the cause of his death.

Here are a few observations you might want to check out before you make up your mind about this strange case.

Obama signed the NDAA act allowing the government to keep a list of US citizens it deems a danger to the US and legalises the assassination of said citizens.

The CIA has at it’s disposable several “James Bond” weapons amongst which a “heart attack” gun.

My question is: have we entered the unavoidable phase toward fascism in which opinionated and high profile journalists will be eliminated at will by the powers that be while pointing this out will earn you the stigma of Conspiracy theorist? Are they eliminated secretly not to wake up the sheeple to much until such times as open murder to terrorise will become the weapon of choice?

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