50+ New Kiwi readers every day

According to my stat counter over the last three months more than 50 new Kiwi’s find my blog every day. That is just under half of the over the hundred average new global readers every day and while many won’t return it shows how people are waking up and want to know about what is really going on in the world and behind the scenes in New Zealand. For those of you just arriving here may I point out that a subscription is free and will make sure you receive notification of new posts on this blog. The subscription button is on the right upper corner of the home page.

You’re also free to copy and paste and spread this information around under the condition you give credit were credit is due by linking to this site or to the sites I linked from for their original stuff. Let’s educate ourselves and our friends (especially the ones who voted for John Key our Smiling Assassin and still believe he came back to help us Kiwi’s with his hardnosed business experience)

Kind regards and thank you for taking the trouble of reading the information available here


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