Standard & Poor announced the next phase in the push for a global currency.

In order for the financial elite to proceed to the next phase; a global centrally controlled currency which will enable them to take total global control they must collapse the Euro and the Dollar. This is the Hegelian dialectic model of problem crisis solution.

So it should come as no surprise that while the German government approved the killer austerity stranglehold bail out for Greece the PTB via their “rating agency” Standard & Poor  announced the Selective Default of Greece and while the world tries to ignore this it might mean that this will trigger the next phase.

The next phase might be that as the other countries in the same position as Greece, such as Spain, Italy and Portugal realise that there is no escaping default will announce their default. In Ireland there is already enough public anger pushing for a referendum on their compliance with the banker bailouts causing the Euro to drop hugely.

If this happens the next phase will be the triggering of a massive CDS claims with the “American” banks which will cause the entire system to collapse causing a massive panic which will be the moment the bankster elite will step in with their solution: A centrally distributed currency owned by the privately owned banking cartel.

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