On horses, quicksand and love.

Many, many years ago I owned a horse halfway across the planet and one day it broke loose when it was spooked by a truck and tried to get back into it’s paddock but instead jumped into a muddy ditch where it sunk away to it’s neck and it had to be pulled out literally with a crane.

I had at least 6 police and twenty five other people trying to help and one policeman in spotless uniform kneeled beside my horse slowly sinking into the mud with her to cradle her head as she almost gave up while we dug beside her chest to get a belt around it so we could hoist her out of the sludge. Her ordeal only lasted an hour, perhaps an hour and a half  but trust me if I say I know the fear this woman and her horse must have felt. She managed to save her horse as I did mine with the help of so many good people all those years ago.I had to sell her a while later as my life changed direction and I could not afford her any more. I did and tried to forget.

And I almost did until I bought a house with a paddock in which a friend fed her horses and after a while I bought one of them when she couldn’t afford it any more. That was about about a year ago an three weeks ago when a local farmer asked me if I would train his horse  I was given the opportunity to not only train his horse but mine and the one my friend kept on his land giving me independence and space to do it in.

Three horses, natural horsemanship and the love, the total love I have for these incredible, majestic, silly, gentle giants. At the ripe old age of 55 I am back in horse paradise!

8 thoughts on “On horses, quicksand and love.

  1. I am so pleased you have somewhere and something so nice to go to, to forget the troubles of the world,
    You do a great job with all your info you put out,
    But everyone needs a break, it is the most amazing wonderful world,despite it troubles and worries

    • Yep, me too and thank you for your kind words and I agree with this world with all its craziness still being a beautiful place.

  2. Some people are “dog ” people ,some people are “cat” people but everybody is a “horse” person.

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