Is the Standard blog a mainstream media shill

In what can only be described as a mainstream media propaganda piece a previously unknown writer named Michael Valley (who has no other web presence such as a blog making independent verification of his integrity or political independence impossible) published a post which can only be described as an unmitigated call for yet another all out bombing war, this time to oust the next dictator du jour Bashar al-Assad of Syria on one of the biggest political blogs of New Zealand; the Standard.

What I find incomprehensible is that a respected blog such as the Standard which is in competition with Kiwiblog for being the biggest political blog of New Zealand and until this post has been remarkably distant from either side of the political divide (albeit with a mild “leftist” slant) with writers covering a wide variety of subjects without parroting the mainstream media or a political party line  would stoop so low as to allow a post so clearly calling for yet another foreign intervention which saw the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Yemen already, without a single link proving the allegations against the Assad regime other then what has been appearing in the mainstream media.

It is peppered with emotional calls for an international “liberation”  from a “mass murdering dictator” while even the local opposition does not want foreign intervention.

I urge you to read this for yourself. I am left with a question:

While Farrar’s Kiwiblog clearly is and wants to be the National propaganda blog, has the Standard even as the moderator reminds us time, time and again that the individual posters are just that just allowed themselves to be used by a brand new writer (it’s his first ever post) as the left wing propaganda outlet with the new leader of Labour David Shearer being the new “let’s bomb everything while I face down scary brown people’s war lords being their hero leading the way “liberating” those same scary brown people. You be the judge!!!


Here are some of my responses to the piece and a subsequent comment of the writer of the  piece:

Here we go again! Let’s bomb another country back to the stone age to liberate it’s people from it’s dictator.

But… but before we buy into the propaganda crap (Bad move Standardista’s to allow this otherwise magnificent blog to be used for the usual propaganda crap straight out of the mud stream media) let’s get some facts straight before we go there.

We only attack “dictators” if their countries are sitting on oil or other resources we want if said dictators are using the oil to benefit their people instead of the US or NATO. The Us and the NATO are happy to support dictators such as the “kings” of Saudi Arabia, Jordanie and Bahrein who are compliant with the demands of the West so there goes the “let’s help the people” meme.

Here are some links you might want to check. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Opium, Libya

Why is it that while every American now has to accept being groped by his or her genitals to prove they are not terrorists we are actually supporting al Qaeda in Libya and Syria and it’s equivalent in Iran.

Here are some links you might want to check, Iran, Syria, Libya

Syria’s legitimate opposition groups want elections and a peaceful transition to democracy while the oppose foreign intervention (which they see as occupation and war for oil) or the armament and support of rebel groups which are supported by the same groups they don’t want to intervene.

Here are some links you might want to check Tarpley.Net,

In Libya the new rulers supported by the US and NATO are aligned with ultra fundamentalist Muslims and known “Al Qaeda” leaders who are committing atrocities and mass murders and are generally as despotic as Mohammar Gaddafi was so with all the bombardments killing hundreds of thousand of civilians we have not improved one iota of liberation for the Libyan people.

Here is a link you might want to check

As for your remark about Russia and Iran not supporting Syria with their armed forces here are some links you might want to check: Iran, 15,000 elite troops, Russia.

And last but not least if you have no idea of what is really going on in the world please refrain from writing such badly researched emotional laden claptrap and if you insist in going to war I suggest you enlist in the US army and lead the way but I have a sneaky suspicion that just like the chicken hawks in the US and NATO you will happily send someone else’s son our daughter in harms (who are sick and tired of being used by the rich and powerful to fight their illegal wars of conquest) way while flying the flag of liberty cowardly from the safety of these Islands.
  You and your ilk and your pandering to the war machine disgusts me.

And the second response:

I can only explain your hideous display of ignorance as another Kiwi rejecting the notion of sound science and facts.

You probably still believe 19 young Arabs can break the laws of physics and buildings do collapse into the path of most resistance in free fall speed after only a couple of hours of office fires and people with a ridiculously high IQ and a study to match that IQ are really big dumbo’s and rich pricks never ever conspire to get even more rich and powerful.

You also probably think that General Wesley Clarke was lying when he announced in 2007 that he had known the list of 7 countries to be attacked in the next five (which obviously took longer than that)  years as far back as 10 days after 911 after what he describes as a policy coup.
Or that people called upon by the German government to advice them on foreign policies are really stupid when they object to the secret shit stirring going on in Syria based on their years of study of international geopolitics. (He speaks English with a German accent that could be a dead give away)
And you probably still believe that the handy uprisings occurring on the precise same moment the US an NATO are ready for another war are purely local and that the information reaching us through the lying scumbag internet about thousands of US troops training in Jordan (funnily another dictatorship we don’t have a problem with), Turkish, English and Qatari (another Dictatorship we don’t have a problem with) troops stirring shit in Syria.
And perhaps you even think that people caught in the rendition program which took them to the Syrian and Libyan prisons curtsey of the CIA where they could get tortured by the very regimes the very same CIA is now trying to get rid of kind of must have deserved that treatment because the CIA would never ever do anything to innocent people and that the guy fired from al Jazeera for his CIA connections didn’t have anything to do with the CIA any more.

And you probably still believe that our mainstream media are telling you the absolute truth judging by their filth you repeat here without a single critical thought.

Do I like Assad? Hell no, but if even the people opposing him don’t want outside help than who am I to support another foreign intervention.
And please Standardistas, you have worked so hard at making this a blog with some credibility it strikes me as very, very dangerous to let this crud appear on this blog without a single believable link supporting it and appearing to be a mainstream propaganda hit piece for another “liberating” war.

Bashar al-Assad

9 thoughts on “Is the Standard blog a mainstream media shill

  1. Great Erev… now go back to the post in question and take it apart.

    That’s how it’s supposed to be done; it’s how blogging is intended to be ‘self-correcting’ to a degree and the kind of process we fully support at The Standard.

    • In fact RedLogix,

      I challenge you to give my response at the Standard with all it’s links to information tearing the war propaganda on the Standard to pieces equal billing.

      If you really want to counter my question about the Standard’s independence and the Standardistas allowing an obvious propaganda spinner to post such a substandard (no pun intended) post based on nothing but cheap demagoguery you’d elevate my response to an equal post. It has a hell of a lot more body to it then the crud Michael Valley came up with.

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  3. Ev, an absolutely brilliant expose of the lies and hypocrisy being spewed forth by the media about Syria . Thank you 😉

    ..In the months and years after 9/11, the US collaborated closely with Syria, which became an ally in the war on terror and a frequent destination for victims of extraordinary rendition. Syrian torturers worked hand in hand with US interrogators. Makes me sick to see the same politicans piously condemn the Syrian regime for its crimes against humanity 😦

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