In arrears or robbed, the best way to rob a bank is to own one.

Update II: Greece’s tax collectors have been told they have to be 200% more efficient. A good thing they won’t have to be here. Here the government can just tell the banks to print more money which you will have to pay off through hard slog.

Update on the bank robbery which took place upon request of the Waikato council.

As I reported on the 13th of February of this year, the Waikato council made good on its promise to “force” the National bank to pay the rates we owed out of our Mortgage account. We have kept our mortgage account separate from our income account in order to have more control over our income and the repercussions of my decision to let this happen.

As I expressed before this is not because I am against tax perse but I am extremely worried about the fact that an unelected unaccountable international financial institute with the power to print money out of thin air can be used to finance a local council without any control of the person who will be forced to pay the final bill.

What is more as I tried to get them to put the consequences of any refusal to pay my rates on paper all I got was three letters describing the theft of the money out of my account as me being in arrears as if I had missed any of my mortgage payments, laying the responsibility for the missing money entirely at my feet and no longer as the rates taken by the local council.

And while currently out councils still behave with a modicum of decency what happens if bullied by national or God forbid international forces to make good on our more than $ 50 billion debt we have tax raises which are well beyond our capability to pay?

I realise of course that currently there is no way I can avoid paying the rates and since it is the law of the land I will obey the law. However I hope that this issue will be picked up by my readers and if you want to hear more I will speak about the subject at the Grey power meeting in Hamilton in the celebrate age meeting centre on the 12th of March at 10:30 pm. Don’t let the Grey power thing keep you away as this is a subject that touches all of us.

Also I’d be very interested in hearing from other people who this happened too. If you would like to remain anonymous you can contact me via the contact form at the top of the homepage on the right side.

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