Did the too big to fail US banks just weasel out of having to pay up on a Greek default

The new bail out signed with Greece appears to have opened a Pandora’s box of new corrupt stink as it appears that the ECB (European Central bank run by a Goldman Sachs puppet) changed the rules of the game retrospectively. In case of a Greek default the bond owners now can no longer claim their insurance from the US banks.

This is corruption on an epic scale and will lead to the collapse of the entire system because nobody can trust anybody any more. If a hedge fund or bank can’t rape and pillage and gamble knowing that if it makes bad investments it will be bailed out by it’s hedges than what the hell can it do?

So if Greece now defaults (My guess between 20th and the end of March)the big losers are going to be the financial institutions holding Greek bonds and not the US too big to fail. Europe and a lot of big hedge funds are going to collapse giving the US a little bit longer but the hostility and mayhem will escalate beyond imagination. Especially since the Europeans seem to be bearing the brunt of the Iranian response to America’s isolation politics

4 thoughts on “Did the too big to fail US banks just weasel out of having to pay up on a Greek default

    • The article I link to was submitted by Mark Grant, author of “Out of the Box and onto Wall Street” who is very much a Wall street insider. His article is based on statements of the ECB itself. Zero hedge is a huge blog also written by a team of critical Wall street and banking insiders but even with all these credentials I put the title in question form. It requires you as a reader to answer the question for yourself.

  1. “nobody can trust anybody any more” ,you can trust the banksters to keep ripping us off until we start hanging the ones found guilty of fraud !

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