On hideous wealth, las Vegas rain drains and the inevitability of guillotines

While their government spends trillions of dollars killing brown people for their oil, opium and other resources the people of America are drifting towards the biggest economic collapse this world has ever seen. (The link shows a very underestimated vision of the real cost such as the millions of dead, hurt, misplaced Iraqi’s and Afghanis and the hundreds of thousands of dying, sick and  psychologically damaged US and other countries troops due to DU and having to live through the horrors of war but it does a nice job of showing some realities anyway)

What does that mean? It means people having to eat rats to survive and while rats actually don’t taste to bad (Musk rats which were a danger to Dutch dikes were served as a delicacy in a restaurant believe it or not.) eating wild rats to survive in the richest country in the world, I hope you’ll agree, is a sign of extreme poverty. If you think that will never happen, think again because it already does.

1.5 children are homeless in the shining house on the hill and 50 million people live under the poverty line and struggle to survive everyday without health care, daily food and work.

Poor people in las Vegas are living in underground rain drains to have a roof over their heads and are at risk of drowning whenever it rains and all over the US tent camps are springing up in forest areas.

Here is a link to an excellent article from the Economic Collapse blog about the things poor Americans have to do to survive.

Here is a 30 minute documentary from the BBC and while I hope it will stay online for awhile you might want to watch it as soon as you get this in your email because it might breach copyright rules and be pulled. In fact download it so you can show your friends and family what is really going on in the land of the free and the brave.

And then you might want to show them the other side. The 1%’s side you might say.

Here is a link to the house of billionaire daughter Petra Eccleston who thinks nothing of spending a whopping US $ 85 million for a mansion in Los Angeles so she can promote her fashion line.

In pre revolutionary France three conditions came together to form the perfect storm in which tens of thousands of people lost their heads to the Guillotine.

  • Utter decadence and depraved wealth for the elite.
  • Starvation for the poor and the evisceration of the middle class combined with a dysfunctional justice system.
  • A country financially exhausted and bankrupt from the wars waged by the elite.

If you think that these conditions are being met in the US you’re not alone. In the US a whopping 270,000,000 privately owned firearms are spread all over the population.  That is 270 million guns or 88.8 per 100 people are owned by civilians with a huge increase of arms sales in the 2011.

When asked why people bought guns their motivations was more often then not that they feared an economic collapse and their mistrust of the government and with 400 FEMA camps and the signing of the NDAA act allowing the US military to declare the US a battle ground giving them the right to detain citizens indefinitely without a trial I have to confess I would arm myself too if I lived in the US and while guns aren’t Guillotines I sure wouldn’t want to be Petra Eccleston when they’re coming for her and their ilk.

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