Bridgenorth castle or why two planes cannot collapse three steel framed high rises.

This is Bridgenorth castle.

Bridgenorth castle was build by a very unsavoury character who took pleasure in coughing children’s eyes out with his fingers and killing people by starvation and torture and other general unpleasantness but I digress.

What, you ask, does Bridgeworth castle as suggested in the title of this post have to do with the collapse of the three WTC buildings  on 911?

Let’s start with the size of the building. In order to get a sense of the size of the building (about 70 feet) I would like to draw your attention to the reverse triangle at the top of the wall. It is a rather thin line but that is the double roof which once topped the tower.

The tower was not the keep but a guard house and if you look at the right side of the building you see a narrow line from top to bottom which once held the iron portcullis. The row of holes in the wall from left to right held the beams from the floor and the total floors were approximately three. For more information here is the link to the time team doco on the building.

The current state of the building at a 15% angle which is more then 3 times that of the leaning tower of Pisa was the result of the sacking of the castle by Cromwell’s army in the English Civil War who blew up the building with a lot of dynamite leaving the remains leaning precariously for the last 350 years or so.

Next I would like to point out that this building was not build around a steel frame making it fairly easy to blow up with any form of explosive as there is no steel which in modern days is used to reinforce buildings so they can withstand plane impacts, ex and massive storms and fires. Which is why it is especially used to build huge high rises which could house on any floor a couple of the amounts of material used to build castles such as this.

The lobbies of each of the twin towers could have housed about 9 if not more of these towers in their full glory and the twin towers contained many more tons of material reinforced with Steel girders the thickness (if not thicker) of the walls of the castle.

And yet, while Cromwell needed tons of dynamite to blow up the tiny castle (incomparison to the two twin towers) and it still didn’t crumble into fine power and it still resulted in one wall still standing after more than 350 years, we are ready to believe that the kerosene of two planes most of which burned off outside in the first seconds after the impact, sufficed to collapse not two but three steel framed buildings allowing them to fall in free fall speed into the path of most resistance breaking every single law of physics as recorded by Isaac Newton.

The same Isaac Newton who was born in the last years of the civil war which saw the end of  Bridgenorth castle, its unpleasant inhabitant and just maybe it was ruins just like this that spurned you Isaac to investigate how and why the leaning tower of Bridgenorth ended up in the strange angle and not in a pile of dust mixed with iron micro spheres and Nano thermite

3 thoughts on “Bridgenorth castle or why two planes cannot collapse three steel framed high rises.

  1. connecting a ruined castle to 911,a rather long bow i feel.dont you think they would of demolished the buildings so it DID NOT look like a ‘controlled demolition’?why go to all the trouble of demolishing the buildings?if usa wanted to manufacture an excuse for war shirely two planes burning in the towers would be pretext enough?

  2. 911 is a lie .only people that never look beyond their TV’s set for “truth” believe the “official conspiracy theory ” . WTC 7 is three times higher than any office building in New Zealand and it fell in less than 10 seconds as a result of “scattered fires” ,give me a break ! If this is true ,and we have been called “insane” for thinking otherwise answer me this …why don’t the contractors in Christchurch build small “scattered fires” in the damaged buildings .Instead they take months and months to demolish the buildings ! Should we be looking at taking legal action against the demolition companies for ripping us off when a much cheaper method has been “proved” to be viable ?

    One, just one example of asymmetrical damage leading to a symmetrical collapse of any building in the history of mankind would make me feel a little safer ,otherwise the “war on terror” is a fraud !

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