National bank collects tax for the NZ government and its city councils

Last year I was notified that if I did not pay my rates I Waikato council would force National bank where I have my mortgage account to pay the rates for me. This was a condition I was forced to signed when we applied for our mortgage. I admit I was in arrears in paying my rates but also annoyed about having to pay rent to the council on top of my mortgage and while I don’t object to paying our fair share of tax (we do and willingly so even though our government is borrowing like hell and the money doesn’t go to good public works but instead to pay the interest on the loans ) I decided to let it run its course. 

About two weeks ago  I received a pleasant enough letter on a Friday from National bank that they had indeed paid the rates for me as per required by the 2003 act demanding that they do. No threads no warning about what might occur should I refuse to pay, nothing.

In response to this I send a fax on Wednesday to the arrears department of the National bank requesting information as to what would happen if I refused to pay the rates which I now owed to them. I received no response

This Sunday afternoon I received a telephone call from a lady who told me that I was two weeks in arrears with my mortgage and that if I did not make good on this within those two weeks they would start collecting procedures. I told the lady that I thought that calling people to threaten them on their Sunday was outrageous and that I send a letter requesting her threat in writing to the arrears department. She told me that she would send an email to my local bank and that they would respond.

I will not wait for this but fax them a written request for clarity myself. I intend to build a paper trail so I can take the matter to the citizens and rate payers association in Hamilton.

Now we will be able to make good on those payments so I presume this is where it will stop for us at the moment but imagine a situation in which someone has lost his job and is unable to find a new one because he is unskilled or too old and him and his wife and two children live on what his wife is able to make with a minimum wage of $ 13.50 working at the checkout counter of Pack and Save? What if you have a conflict with your local council and refuse to pay your rates because they refuse to mend the road in front of your house or you pay twice as much for water than people in another district in the same town?

In fact in Raglan people who lived their whole live in a house their ancestors build and which is on freehold and who have seen their rates rise spectacularly because of the temporary house pricing boom of the last fifteen years are being forced out of their properties because their retirement funds don’t suffice for paying their rates. these people are than forced to take up residency elsewhere for which they have to pay rent forcing them in a downward spiral and while there are provisions in place to apply for exemption it seems no a lot of people are knowledgeable enough or willing to beg for leniency.

And let’s go back to the whole “Forcing the bank to pay the tax” issue! Since when has anybody ever been able to force a bank to do anything. Most of all pay a private tax bill of one of its customers? And an international giant bank at that.

What if John Key our borrowing bankster Prime minister is told its payback time by his international bankster mates and they decide the entire population has to pay 30% tax or more while getting a 22% minimum wage cut?

Don’t think that would happen? Well here is forbes actually writing about how the Federal Reserve wants to devalue the international reserve currency with 33%. that’s your tax rise right there because if you think the price hikes and the GST on food are anything other than the result of the devaluation of the Reserve currency and price manipulation of the ultra rich you are sadly mistaken especially since the price of oil has gone down and not up at the point of origin.

So here you have it: Your elected representatives have put an unelected unaccountable International financial giant who can print money out of nowhere between you and them and since there is simply no way for a citizen to take an international bank to task the government and you local council can use your private bank account as their personal ATM machine while the bank can hold you to ransom with your house and safety at stake.  If this doesn’t scare the shit out of you I don’t know what will!

More to follow on this subject.

2 thoughts on “National bank collects tax for the NZ government and its city councils

  1. Any financial institution that provides mortgage finance can have unpaid rates demanded from it by a Council. I.e. ANY financial institution that provides mortgage finance – not just the National Bank.

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