Joan Veon on the engineered Financial collapse.

As I am watching this fascinating presentation I have to urge you to watch this in its entirety. The structural changes chapter is horrifying in the scope in which it transfers the powers of congress to the bankers and the chapter on derivatives (the source of John Key’s wealth) is just beyond comprehension in it’s epic scale of deceit. Send this link to all your buddies who still think the sun shines out of John Key’s arse. And then give them the link to my open letter to Eugene Bingham.

Iain Parker, one of the most knowledgeable researchers on international finance and the banking system currently collapsing our entire global economy by design pointed me to Joan Veonan amazingly knowledgeable woman presenting the history and current financial situation before she  passed away because of cancer.

Here is part 1 of her presentation. If you click on the you tube logo you will be linked to the rest of this enlightening presentation. Especially the tax law changes under Reagan are stunning.


2 thoughts on “Joan Veon on the engineered Financial collapse.

  1. Joan Veon has been known by the establishment a long time.Norman Dodd-G.Edward Griffin exposed the bankers and Charitable Foundations a long time ago.The Fed was known to be illegal when it was founded in 1913.Aaron Russo proved in his movies as Jefferson,Jackson, and Lincoln JFK,etc. did.The reality is the Public Private Partnership which is the corporate and super rich taking of the government and its asset.Class Struggle has been used with communist,fascist,Socialist ideologies to gain control of the
    world.Wars to reduce population and to control nations through debt,and financing both sides in war.General Smedley Butler’s book-1War is a Racket-says it all about the corporate state and who controls America and the world.The Report From Mountain indicates the methods of control of the powers that be.CFR,Trilateral Commission,and the FED.Walter Haas leodragon97 73yrs. May God Bless America

  2. A shame the sequence is not numbered., as there are a number of duplicates. Therefore, it’s hard to follow the presentation along, in a sequential fashion.

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