Who is going to be the next unelected Rothschild representative running our money supply?

This is what the founding fathers of the US had to say about private banks running the money supply.

Bollard who has been the unelected Rothschild representative running this country’s money supply needs to be replaced apparently.

So here are the contenders. Anyone with knowledge about these individuals such as connections with the trilateral commission or Bilderbergers is cordially invited to leave links here.

Reserve Bank chairman Arthur Grimes or former central bank deputy Murray Sherwin could be strong contenders to replace governor Alan Bollard, who will step down later this year, former governor Don Brash says.

But there is likely to be a strong field to take on the $600,000-a-year job that Bollard, 60, is leaving after 10 years.

Arguably the most powerful post in the New Zealand economy, the governor has sole responsibility for setting interest rates. The central bank also plays a much bigger role in the supervision of the banking sector than in the 1990s when its key role was taming inflation.

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