2 thoughts on “Schlomo Sand: The Invention of the Jewish People

    • P, you’re usually a great commentator and in respect of this I’m going to let this comment slide but let me point out a few things.

      I grew up in the aftermath of WWII and regardless of what some people say out of the 70 million people who died in that five year period more or less 6 million died because they were “Jewish”.

      I know because I grew up with a step grand mother who was a member of the Frank family and who lost her husband in the war. She spend five years of her life with two small children in an attic. I had to secretly clean out her pantry when I visited because she could not throw any food away.

      I know because I turned on the lights on Sabbath for Jewish neighbours who barely survived.

      I know because friends of my parents had numbers tattooed on their arms.

      So don’t ever again talk about the “Jews” like that again. Bad things happen if you declare an entire group the “Enemy”.

      Does that mean we should not talk about crimes committed by the so called “leaders” of a country who do despicable things with or without the support of the people who voted for them? No of course not and I think Shlomo Sand does a courageous thing in addressing the fables used by the leaders of Israel to justify their hideous behaviour so that is why I put it on my blog.

      Anti Semitism whether the Semites are Israelis (which remains to be seen) or Palestinians or any other Arab people who are all members of the Semitic Language family is deplorable and despicable as is any other form of racism or divide and rule mechanism used by our ruling elite.

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