Developments in the Iran situation

The huge war thread to be played as and when the financial elite can no longer hide their epic malfeasance and they need a diversion is continuing to deteriorate. Here are some pointers:

  • European countries have not agreed to and economic oil boycott. It will sign no more contracts with Iran and will break the existing ones June 1th.
  • 11 US Warships are no permanently in the Strait of Hormus. One of with is the USS enterprise expected to be the sacrificial lamb in a possible false flag attack.
  • Iran has vowed to block the strait of Hormus which will trigger, in all likelihood, a nuclear response from the US and NATO.
  • Both India and China have announced to continue to buy oil from Iran with India pledging to pay in gold while the embargo stretches to Iran not being allowed to trade in Gold and Silver.
  • Israel has announced to give the US only a 24 hours in advance warning of an attack on Iran.
  • PressTV, the Iranian English new channel has been banned in England in an attempt to shut down news different from the BBC and other government mouth pieces

3 thoughts on “Developments in the Iran situation

  1. “if your of average intelligence ,half of the people you know are dumber than you !”

    we are doomed !

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