More signs of the descent of the US of A into chaos and economic decline

What separates civilisation from lawless chaos is the will of its people to adhere to the laws of the land and the believe and trust that these laws apply to everyone and that you are justified in feeling save in the knowledge that criminals will be punished and that you are protected against crime and violence due to these laws.

The US of A is creeping towards relinquishing towards the forces of chaos and the rule of the most brutal and violent amongst them in a petrifying speed. Here are some facts you don’t hear in the mainstream news:

Some 1.4 million gangsters armed to the teeth have taken up residence in many of America’s inner cities and more are pouring in every single day. At the moment the FBI reckons there are about 33.000 different gangs and membership to these gangs has increased some 40% since 2009 and with only some 26% of the youth employed this problem will increase beyond anything imaginable.

What is not being told in the mainstream media is that these gangs some of them as big as 18.000 strong are using terror tactics as seen in Drug war torn Mexico, and Colombia. It is now assumed that three beheadings have taken place in US states in January of this year alone.

As citizens are arming themselves to the teeth to protect themselves and their loved ones in record numbers I think we can safely say that the descent into a violent Mad Max type of chaos has well and truly begun.

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