The warf, the strike and the unions; my two cents

I am usually not very inclined to speak out on New Zealand matters such as these simply because I’m a newbie in this country and while I spend a huge amount of time researching finance and John Key and his connection to it and as such feel I have enough authority to speak in the subject the union and labour struggle history of this country is something I have not spend enough time on, however…

After sitting on the fence for a while and reading what other blogs had to say about it I decided to give it my two cents.

As I see it we are heading for a perfect storm and in many Western countries the cold blasts of austerity and authoritarianism are already hitting the local populations hard.

In England during the Thatcher years the Unions were systematically broken and in other countries with the notable exemption of Germany unions either withered away through the rising level of wealth for the working class deluding them into thinking they too could become part of the 1% or the systematic destruction of their power and a such the 99% are incapable of forming a power block against the powers that be.

In New Zealand which runs a little bit behind in many developments and the general atmosphere is not as heated as Europe or the US unions still have a bite as witnessed by the part win of Canterbury Meat Packers when they were locked out of the plant after refusing a huge pay cut.

In my opinion the Auckland Wharf dispute is like the hobbit dispute last year a concerted effort to break whatever union the workers at the wharf have in order to later in the year be able to come down like a ton of bricks on NZ’s working class.

For an interesting discussion on the subject here is a link to the Standard on the subject

One thought on “The warf, the strike and the unions; my two cents

  1. Australian coal destroyed the miners. Technology makes loading and unloading ships cheaper. Governments can help not to destroy jobs, but seldom are beneficial to an enterprise economy, except as regards infrastructure. Docks etc are infrastructure.

    In the 1930s, the USA set up the TVA and built the Hoover dam. NZ will need employment heavy projects soon….

    This is a western Depression and Japan has been in it for twenty years. Long term thinking needed!

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