Public credit or bust blogger breaks through in the mainstream media

Iain Parker who writes for and manages the Public Credit or Bust blog made history! He was both interviewed and invited to write an article in the Taranaki Times which is a Fairfax owned publication.

Here is the link to the interview and here to his article. I urge you to visit Iain’s blog because he has researched and written extensively about both the international and New Zealand financial system and John Key’s place in it.

I want to congratulate Iain with the much deserved recognition of this research and the unexpected appearance in the mainstream media of this much needed information

6 thoughts on “Public credit or bust blogger breaks through in the mainstream media

  1. Australia and Germany also successfully created credit/money based upon infrastructure projects. In a depression, which started in 1999, but then along came 9/11, money is taken out of the economy as people see that prices keep dropping.

    Ironically, the 1% then start to lose out to the bottom 80% who spend all they get, and make the new economy. Lots of the 1% are getting nasty surprizes, as their investments turn out to be worthless.

    Good blog!

  2. Congratulations to Iain Parker but there are also situations from more history where the money supply was controlled by the government and still ended up totally abused to the detriment of the commonwealth of the citizens by the politics of the times, giving the same results just via a different roads.

    Politically when it has been used as it’s natural function to distribute and enhance the commerce of the nation to the commonwealth of all, it has had a very short life span – the New Zealand examples being just one instance, as John A Lee, the driver behind the Labour partys 1930s one time monetary reform platforn, found out.

    The only instances a stable monetary system has been allowed to operate in a sustained way on a neutral basis for all citizens in a systemic way, has been under monarchy or aristocratic class in ‘modern’ history to my understanding – that is not to say it is the only way it can be attained though.

    Just about all monetary reformers for the public interest see the monetary system as the casual problem but this, quite evidently, is not the case. Monetary systems working against the commonwealth, as they just about all do, are symptoms of another problem, one that CH Douglas, the Social Credit originator, recoginised in his expounding of Guild Socialism even though he failed to grasp the intuitively structured mindset required for it’s realizations.

    • Thank you for this info as I’m a recent arrival on these shores.

      The real problem of course is the corruptive influence of the power of money printing and it needs an informed and educated population who all understand that fiat money is nothing more than an agreement to facilitate trade and should not be burdened by interest and speculation with that currency.

      • I disagree respective fully travellerev, but each to their own.

        The real problem is the illusion that political power is knowledge instead of the developing of knowledge is power – & not meaning particularly academic knowledge as that may or may not be a part of either process.

        The more knowledge one ‘knows’, the less is there to be the desire to FORCE others to a particular subjugation to that point of view. It is having trust & validity in the guidance of knowledge for oneself, or lack of, which is the problem. It requires patience and good spirit.

        When it is understood that demands for suppossed better POVS being obtained, if they contain unvoluntary actions of another in the conception, then it has confused power with knowledge. To not be on this track, requires trust in the process of one’s own individuality as related to knowledge, respect for the same process of others, & to not play God with others.

        I don’t think the General population has to be informed about the specifics of Monetary Reform in order to understand it in participation of different monetary paradigms flourishing for example.

  3. Fantastic thanks aotearoa sooo glad real news is able thru the net to reach us….always knew they were full of shit….

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