On the stupidity of the Nutbarnz Troll

In September you may recall I became aware that someone had started an anti conspiracy website called Conspiracy Nutbars New Zealand or some such. 

The person/s behind the site immediately started to comment under the name of Hepi indicating my site being monitored pretty intensly. After a few comments I decided that Hepi was a waste of space and banned him but not before he helped me find a code error leading to a deformed website. This aid again came so quick he must have either linked to my blog or have it under constant scrutiny.

After a while some comments started to appear on my blog which while appealing for my sense of sympathy and friendship seemed strangely out of tune with the characters they tried to portray and I became suspicious.

A stroke of luck would have it that I encountered the same code error once again deforming my blog and in a moment of clarity decided to appeal for help to see who would show up and looka here I got the same quick advice and it turns out that all these strangely off kilter comments came from the same IP address as Hepi’s, indicating Hepi and Rua and some other Maori named ficticious characters!

The IP address was linked to an Auckland address which might need some journalistic scrutiny because this is all very mysterious and begs the question; why is there one or more persons so hell bent on infiltrating my blog with clearly researched links requiring time and effort with fictitious names so as not to arouse suspicion.

The IP address was also linked to many other US Ip addresses and I suspect that the Auckland IP address is just an address to “proof” that my detractor is a New Zealand entity but with Cass Sunstein, Obama’s information czar outlining plans to infiltrate the conspiracy i.e. 9/11 truth movement in order to destroy it from within announced in January 2010 and the blog’s IP address appearing in October 2010 while claiming to have been fighting conspiracy nutbars for a much longer time, I suspect that what we have here is a nasty piece of work doing his Global masters bidding.

I guess we must be doing something right and guess what Hemi or whatever the hell your name is the truth will never die and will bite you and your masters in the ass one of these days real soon. And it won’t be pretty.

I will block you and all the other names you’ve been writing under and keep an I on the IP address and the other I have been given by another blogger you have been harassing. So slither back under your rock and maybe I won’t give it to a very interested journalist together with the address it is registered at.

13 thoughts on “On the stupidity of the Nutbarnz Troll

  1. Noted. I had a contact with Swedens anonymous site and have suspicions about some of the people there. Sweden has been targetted for some time now and is no longer as open as it once was. Olaf Palme was assassinated ….. My particular contact managed to change FB names and then entered me onto the UK anonymous site. No consent from me. I suspected that I would be burnt and blamed for some of “her” mischief and some responses struck me as odd, U/C type stuff. No longer connect there…!

    Good luck with the NZ stuff, it seems that soon NZ will no longer be nuke free as Key and his pals take over.

  2. I don’t understand that we as humans don’t work together for the betterment of living on this planet.

    WHY are people so short-sided? WHY can we just not allow other opinions? WHY don’t we look for the truth? etc. etc.

    I am so sad about it!

  3. As WordPress (WP) attains similar pervasive status, like microcrapt, hackers/attackers devote more time to finding holes in the code which they can exploit. Those holes are then used to compromise web hosting accounts. Been there – didn’t like it. The developers of WP are likely trying to keep a step ahead of such ‘nasties,’ by enhancing the program code and releasing regular updates. Seems keeping up with/to the latest version is almost mandatory, in an effort to stay ahead of those with harmful intentions.

    • The code I’m referring to was just an excessive use of the div tag. So nothing evil there but it just screws up the page with and pushes my right column with all my widgets down

        • Yes he did and that was a nice thing because it had me stumped. Does that mean I want to engage with someone who poses as different entities drawing me into long winded nowhere going discussions? No.

          I read about a hundred publications daily write, link and try to give as much information to people as I can so they can make up their own mind. That’s what I do. Hemi has a long history of this kind of behaviour it seems and other than him and his multiple personalities I have had no cause to ban anyone who comments here so far but I don’t have a lot of time to waste on moderation so I am pretty curd with this sort of behaviour.

          Hemi has caused quite a few blogs trying to inform people with alternative information to close or seriously vet their comment section and in a way that is exactly what assholes like him want to do. I don’t want to have to do that because I think commenting is a nice way to meet and engage with like minded people. If I wanted a debate club I would call my blog the aotearoa debate club blog.

          Hemi has his own blog he can write whatever he wants there and hopefully have the sort of discussions he wants on his own blog. Funny enough there doesn’t seem to be the sort of animo for it.

          Hope this helps!

  4. Yep – the same tripper is trolling us, mysterious NZ, Uncensored and Clare Swinney. Makes me laugh that they are so insecure. We just leave him to it being that he thinks he’s so clever. People see right through it and come to investigate for themselves with some very interesting results 😉

    They have also recently started trolling other people shouting out so just keep going. People laugh their tits off when they see the insecurity of this dip shit and his associated trolls. One of these have taken it seriously enough to start looking at legal avenues.

    Contact me if you want more info on this guys id’s. A few members have been doing some interesting trolling of their own 😉

    Clare has stalkers – and it’s getting to the point where police need to be involved especially when one particular character is working for the NZ Met Service and stalking her during working hours.

    What are they afraid of? Can’t stop truth.

    • Rose you banned me for my very first post on your forum – where I suggested that red couds were common and natural a la “Red skies at night, sailors delight…”, rather than chemtrails. And you refused all my subsequent attempts to register and never responded to my requests for you to tell me what the problem was.

      On the other hand blogs and forums run by debunkers hardly ever ban anyone, and when they do they say exactly why they do so – for example this one on contrail science: http://contrailscience.com/barium-chemtrails/comment-page-9/#comment-98868

      How come they can be open about it, and tolerate discussion and opposing viewpoints, but you can not??

      • Why is it so important for you to be able to comment on personal blogs?

        Why don’t you join one of those happy liberal debunking sites where you can all get along hating conspiracy nuts, rejecting sound science and never ever accepting invitations for serious debate from people like this:

        Or this http://torontohearings.org/

        Perhaps it is because people like you can never be bothered to actually spend the long hours really investigating the evidence but rather waste their own and other peoples time trying to maintain denial.

        Stop wasting our time here.

      • MikeC or whom ever you are – the site has 14 admins on it and also detects ip addresses from known trolls. Don’t flatter yourself that I have the time or inclination. You people expose yourselves in the long run.

        C’est la vie

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