National courting Greens

I never liked Russell and as far as I’m concerned the Greens died when Jeanette left the parliament. Jeanette was the only politician in NZ with the political integrity to look at the events of 9/11 for example.

So it’s no biggie for me but I put it to you that if the Greens sign any type of deal with National they betray everything they have stood for with John Key allowing open cast mining and deep sea drilling.

You simply can not make deals with the devil without selling your soul

One thought on “National courting Greens

  1. The Greens, Dame Fitzsimons & co, were given the lost nutritional information – on a plate – of Western Price right after Rod Donald died, in order to do the logical thing for a party that had campaigned for decades on human health….the promotion of Raw Milk.

    Instead they decided to destroy the remaining demand & supply that was in the market for nutrition for the general population while self-aggrandizing with the information for their own ambitions while not lifting a finger in the public interest…

    TIll we have what we have today for the first time, not only a society divided on every increasing economic lines but also with nutritional eugenics for the first time fully entered into the equation.

    Whatever the Green party was, & I’m not sure what that was, it died with Rod Donald.

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